Woodstock Attendance Area Review

Final Attendance Area Review Report Oxford County French Immersion and City of Woodstock Elementary Panel Attendance Area Review

The Thames Valley District School Board is seeking public input regarding the Attendance Area Review for Oxford County French Immersion and Woodstock Elementary Schools. 
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AARC Meeting Presentation

Public Notice and Agenda for Woodstock Attendance Area Review Committee Meeting

 TVDSB launches Woodstock Attendance Area Review (WAAR)


At its June 23, 2020 Board Meeting, Trustees approved the following motion: “That the next attendance area review address the significant student distribution problem in the City of London, pending Capital Priorities submission results, as well as the overcapacity accommodation issue at Roch Carrier French Immersion Public School.” 

The subject report provides options for resolving the overcapacity issue at Roch Carrier French Immersion (FI) Public School (PS) and a separate report to be presented in November will provide options for addressing student distribution challenges in the City of London. 

Roch Carrier is Oxford County’s only FI elementary school. Due to the small facility size (on-the-ground capacity of 282 pupil places) and overall enrolment growth in Oxford County, the school is sustaining accommodation pressure.

In addition to enrolment pressure at Roch Carrier FI PS, there is also a growing accommodation challenge across English-track schools in the City of Woodstock. There are a number of elementary schools that are experiencing capacity constraints and where enrolment is projected to steadily increase.

However, there are also schools that are underutilized with stable or declining enrolment. Through discussions with Ministry of Education Capital Program Branch staff regarding the TVDSB’s 2019-2020 Capital Priorities Grant Program submission, Administration was encouraged to develop accommodation solutions in the City of Woodstock that address both enrolment pressure and underutilization of schools prior to pursuing funding for capital investments in this area.

 Key Dates

February 23, 2021: Presentation of Initial Attendance Area Review Report to the Board of Trustees

March 25, 2021: Introductory AARC Meeting 

April and May 2021: School AARC Subcommittee meetings (public consultation)

May 17, 2021: Deadline for requests for additional information from TVDSB Administration by School AARC Subcommittees

June 1, 2021: Last date for School AARC Subcommittee meetings

June 15, 2021: Deadline for School AARC Subcommittees to submit reports on school community input

Summer 2021: Review public feedback and prepare Final Attendance Area Review Report

September 2021: Present Final Attendance Area Review Report to the Board of Trustees

September 2021: Public Delegations

September 2021: Decision of the Board of Trustees

September 2022: Implementation of the Decision 

 Documents and Reports

Board report on Woodstock elementary school accommodation issues – Oct. 27, 2020

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