Programs, School Program and Placement, English as a Second Language

TVDSB is one of Ontario's largest public school boards including London and other vibrant cities.

  • More than 83,000 students
  • 131 elementary schools
  • 27 secondary schools
  • Class sizes - range from 18 - 30 students
  • Secondary School Sizes range from 400 - 2,200 students
  • Entrance Dates: September and February
  • Programs Offered: Full-year, 1 semester

Elementary K - 8 / Ages 4 - 13

Secondary 9 - 12 / Ages 14 - 17+

Core courses and electives include:

  • English, French

  • Mathematics

  • Science - Biology, Chemistry, Physics

  • Environmental Science

  • Earth and Space Science

  • Music

  • Art

  • Dramatic Arts

  • History

  • Geography

  • Business & Computer Studies

  • Technology

  • Physical Education

School Programs and Placement
Students will be assigned to the nearest school based on their address in London or the surrounding area and ESL requirements for secondary students.

All ESL secondary students must complete a language proficiency assessment (ESL assessment) at One World International Welcome Centre before registering for school.

 English as a Second Language (ESL)
Language support is offered in all elementary schools and select secondary schools.

Three secondary schools in London currently offer beginner to advanced-level ESL programs:

Eight secondary schools in London offer mid to advanced-level ESL programs:

ESL is available in some areas outside of London. 

ESL provides maximum opportunities for English language learners to become proficient in English and be academically successful.

  • Credit courses in this program are designed for students whose first language is not English and who have age-appropriate literacy and language skills in their first language.
  • After an English language proficiency assessment, students are provided with the appropriate level of language instruction.
  • There are five ESL credit courses as well as a full range of compulsory subjects offered with language support.
  • Qualified ESL teachers use effective teaching methods.
  • University and college preparation courses take place in an integrated classroom with Canadian students.

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