Elementary Virtual Learning

Elementary Virtual Learning Program Information

For the 2024-2025 school year, the TVDSB elementary virtual program will be offered in a synchronous ("real-time") virtual learning format where there is sufficient enrolment in a grade to run the virtual learning program.  Elementary virtual classes do not include physical education or dance. 
Students will engage in synchronous learning throughout the day with online interaction with their teacher/staff assigned to their virtual class.  Students are expected to be online for all class activities, through their Brightspace digital learning platform.
Students will have established learning tasks and clear deadlines for student work and regular teacher assistance. Full, daily attendance and participation is expected. 
In this virtual learning model, students will be combined with students from other elementary schools in Thames Valley DSB. Students may also be temporarily designated a new home school as a virtual student to that Host Virtual School.

Selection of Elementary Virtual Learning Model

Families must be registered with Thames Valley DSB, through their home school, in order to register for TVDSB virtual learning. Students enrolled in other boards may not register for full-time Thames Valley virtual learning. 
Thames Valley DSB families who wish to select elementary virtual learning may do so through the Parent Portal. Families who need assistance making the Virtual Learning Model declaration may contact their home school for support. The deadline to request Elementary Virtual Learning for the 2024-2025 school year is March 8, 2024. A Learning Model declaration for Elementary Virtual Learning is a commitment to virtual learning for the entire school year.

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