Elementary Sports Council

The ESC is the governing body for elementary athletics within Thames Valley. The sports council has been mandated by the Board to provide opportunities for student athletes via participatory and competitive activities to enhance learning, self awareness, cooperative behaviour and physical development.

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Girls A

GOLD: Plattsville (21 ) def Aberdeen (14)
BRONZE: Byron Somerset (41) def Emily Stowe (20)

CONSOLATION: Sir Arthur Currie (29) def SGE Cartier (13)
Girls AA 
GOLD: Glen Cairn (30) def W. Sherwood Fox (4)
BRONZE Byron Southwood (27) def  Rick Hansen (15)
CONSOLATION: Lord Roberts (26) def June Rose (25)
Girls AAA

GOLD: Summers Corners (46) def Princess Anne (11)
BRONZE: Northridge (29) def Mitchell Hepburn (6)
CONSOLATION: Emily Carr (22) def Parkview (16)

Boys A

GOLD: Lord Elgin (34) def SGE Cartier (21)
BRONZE: Byron Somerset (29) def Sir Arthur Curri (26)

CONSOLATION: East Oxford (27) def Aberdeen (22)
Boys AA 
GOLD: Glen Cairn (45) def FD Roosevelt (33)
BRONZE: Ryerson (46) def W. Sherwood Fox (42)
CONSOLATION: Forest Park (39) def Southridge (22)
Boys AAA 

GOLD: White Oaks (41) def Jack Chambers (24)
BRONZE: Northridge (29) def Wilfrid Jury (18)
CONSOLATION: Byron Northview (31) def JP Robarts (20)

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Cross Country

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Slo Pitch

TVDSB Girls Slo Pitch Championships 2018

Gold: Westmount 8 def. Stoney Creek 4

Bronze: Byron Northview 10 def. Jack Chambers 8
Consolation: Stoney Creek 17 def. Princess Elizabeth 3


TVDSB Boys Slo Pitch Championships 2018

Gold: Jack Chambers 11 def. Northridge 5

Bronze: Byron Northview 13 def. Byron Southwood 12
Consolation: Dunwich Dutton 15 def.  Summers Corners 7


North West Middlesex Coed Championship 2018

Competitive Gold: Harrisfield 6 def Blenheim 5 (8) 

Novice Gold: Royal Roads 11 def Central 4


Oxford Coed Championship 2018
Gold: Parkhill West Williams 4 def Valleyview 1

Consolation: Adelaide W.G. Macdonald 10 def. Ekcoe 1


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Track and Field

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Girls A
GOLD: Sherwood Fox over Bonaventure (25-7, 25-9)

BRONZE:New Sarum over Emily Stowe (25-22, 12-25, 16-14)

Girls AA
GOLD:Jeanne Sauve over Algonquin (25-14, 25-14)

BRONZE: West Oaks over Locke's (26-24, 25-22)

Girls AAA

GOLD: Summers' Corners over Northridge (12-25, 25-17, 15-9)
BRONZE: Kensal Park over Jack Chambers (25-8, 25-16)

Boys A
GOLD: Hickson Central over Byron Somerset (25-15, 25-17)

BRONZE: West Nissouri over Southside (25-23, 20-25, 15-11)

Boys AA
GOLD: John Dearness over Roch Carrier (19-25, 25-15, 15-12)

BRONZE: Sherwood Fox over Riverside (25-22, 25-21)

Boys AAA
GOLD: Jack Chambers over Southwold (25-16, 25-18)

BRONZE: White Oaks over JP Robarts (25-10, 25-15)

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TVDSB is proud to offer Badminton to Senior athletes in Elementary Athletics! More information coming soon!
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