Important information for current Thames Valley families who have recently moved: Any address updates will be handled at the school beginning August 29, 2022. Please contact your home school after August 29 and a staff member will update your information. 


We are a partner in the Southwestern Ontario Student Transportation Services, a transportation consortium that coordinates transportation for the district Public and Catholic school boards.

All information about bus delays and cancellations is provided on

Find more information on Bus Cancellations and School Closures.

Is my child eligible for transportation?

Elementary students must reside more than 1.6 km from their school and secondary students must reside more than 3.2 km from their school. To verify eligibility for transportation, use the Check Bus Eligibility tool at

Transportation Inquiries?

General transportation inquiries should be direct to Southwestern Ontario Student Transportation Services online using the Contact Us tool at or by phone at 519-649-1160. 

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