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Community Use of Facilities is an Ontario Ministry of Education initiative that supports access to school space outside of school hours for not-for-profit community groups.

View our Policies and Procedures webpage for information related to Community Use of Facilities.

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How to Book a Facility
  1. Before submitting an application, please read and comply with the rental Terms and Conditions. Please view Group Classifications and the Fee Schedule for information, rental rates and discounts.
  1. Register online to submit a permit application. Current users login with their username and password to submit new requests. View the introduction video for assistance. Contact the Community Use help desk to reset
  2. Applications for seasonal indoor bookings (September to June) are to be submitted by April 30th for the subsequent school year. The Community Use office will confirm availability and details of rental requirements in the summer months. An email confirmation will be sent and the application status can be viewed on the online portal. All spring and summer requests, are to be submitted by March 1st for the following soccer, baseball and summer camp season.
  3. Block bookings will be denied.
  4. A minimum of 15 working days is required to process a single date rental request.
  5. School availability may be viewed through the calendar by using the filter menu found at the upper right hand comer of the login screen. Please note that pending applications will not display.
  6. In general the school space available for rentals are gyms, cafeterias (secondary), libraries, resource rooms, some classrooms and sports fields. Please indicate the type of space on your application and refer to the Fee Schedule for rates.
  7. Space can be rented on operating school days Monday-Friday from 6:15pm to 10:00pm. Saturdays and Sundays may be available, on the condition that custodial coverage can be arranged. Custodial overtime rates apply to all weekend and holiday rentals. Please indicate the dates and times being requested.
  8. Applicants must provide proof of general liability insurance of $2-million naming as Additional Insured the Thames Valley District School Board, 1250 Dundas Street, London, Ontario  N5W 5P2.
  9. Please note that the TVDSB Community Use of Facilities policy states schools have priority over rentals and can override any existing permits. In such circumstances, the Community Use of Facilities Department will strive to find a suitable alternate date or issue a refund if applicable. Please consider this clause, before submitting an application.
  10. Please consider your times and dates carefully, as no refunds will be provided for cancellations (unless displaced by TVDSB).
Group Classifications

When required the Community Use of Facilities office will request proof of not-for profit status; such as and not limited to, letters of patent/incorporation or audited financial statements. Permits must be in the name of the group administering the program and handling the registration fees/process.

The following shall be administered by Community Use of School Facilities office. The priority availability of bookings shall be generally:

  • Group A - No space rental fees (custodial overtime fees apply for weekends/holidays)
    School/Board Related - Meetings and school based activities of student associations, School Councils, Thames Valley Parent Involvement Committee and evening or weekend activities organized by the school or a Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB) department. Thames Valley Regional Athletics, Ontario Federation of School Athletic Association and other activities that involve Thames Valley District School Board students as well as other publicly funded school boards.  Meetings and workshops organized by TVDSB for its staff on evenings and weekends. 
  • Group A (1)
    Parent Related - Meetings and school based activities of  the Thames Valley Council of Home and School Association and school-based Home and School Associations that are in good standing with the Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations (OFHSA).
  • Group B
    Not-For-Profit Youth-Related Community Groups - run by local groups for youth, where the activities are intended for participants under the age of 18 (or under the age 28, if participants have a disability).
  • Group C
    Not-For-Profit Recognized Youth Sport and Recreation Service - Recreation committees and sports organizations that are members or affiliates of a provincial sports or accredited camping organization. The activities are intended for participants under the age of 18 (or under the age 28, if participants have a disability).
  • Group D
    Other Not-For-Profit or Charitable Groups - groups such as local service clubs, community health associations, senior-groups, registered faith based and creed groups as determined by the Thames Valley District School Board. Registered faith based and creed groups holding services on Saturday or Sunday are not eligible for the provincial subsidy, regardless of charitable status.
  • Group E
    Not-for-Profit Childcare Operations
    - groups involved with before/after, extended day and day care childcare programs delivered by eligible operators (as per the Child Care and Early Years Act), and TVDSB approved operators on non-instructional days.
  • Group F
    Youth Camps/Programs and Adult Groups without Charitable or NFP Status - Functions organized by individuals/organizations that do not have charitable or NFP status and may have an admission charge, participation cost or fee, i.e. karate clubs, dance schools/recitals, sport camps, athletic groups, fundraisers, theatre performances and paint nights. Activities or programs sponsored by private individuals for private gains.
  • Group G
    For Profit - Functions organized by Industry/Businesses for profit-making purposes i.e. Trade Shows, Public Concerts.
Fee Schedule

The rental permit with Thames Valley District School Board may consist of six (6) fees listed in the Fee Schedule.  All rates shown exclude applicable taxes. 

Terms and Conditions
Liability Insurance

All direct or indirect applicants must provide proof of comprehensive general liability insurance in the amount of $2-million and name the Thames Valley District School Board as an Additional insured on the policy, with respect to the use of the premises.

Indirect applicants refers to any organizers or vendors participating in the applicants' events. The applicant is responsible to obtain such proof.

If the applicant does not have insurance and the activity is approved; it is possible to purchase insurance through Gallagher Pearson Dunn and Gameday Insurance. TVDSB will arrange this purchase. Please note the policy covers limited activities and excluded actives will not be permitted.

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