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About Kindergarten

You can expect that throughout each day, your child will be involved in spontaneous play as well as more structured play-based learning. As children play, they learn about the world around them and how it works, about other people, and about themselves. Teachers and Early Childhood Educators have carefully organized the full day for your child, keeping in mind that young children will require adequate nutrition breaks and quiet opportunities.

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The activities offered to your child are based on the Kindergarten program document, developed by the Ministry of Education. It is a program that capitalizes on the children's natural curiosity and their desire to make sense of their environment. Through exploration, investigation, and communication, your child will be excited about their learning.

Virtual Kindergarten Tour

Is your child starting Kindergarten in the fall?  You and your child can take a sneak peek of a Thames Valley Kindergarten classroom.  As you walk through this virtual learning environment click and explore the various tags to access helpful links and learn more about what your child might experience at school.


Our Kindergarten educator teams are each comprised of a Teacher and Early Childhood Educator who provide many play-based learning experiences to meet each child's needs and interests. All children are offered opportunities to explore, investigate and learn with their friends both indoors and outside. We look forward to meeting your child!

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We are so excited to meet your child when they start Kindergarten this September! Thames Valley’s Kindergarten classrooms are safe places for children to meet new friends and socialize in rich learning environments.

How to Register

Eligibility Requirements

Your child must turn four years old by December 31st to be eligible for junior kindergarten. To be eligible for senior kindergarten, your child must be five years old by December 31st. To register for grade 1, your child must be six years of age by December 31st.

Use our School Locator Tool if you aren't sure which school your child will be attending.

Register for Kindergarten and French Immersion (Grade 1)

Where space permits, your child may be eligible to attend English-language Kindergarten at the designated French Immersion school they will attend in Grade 1. To begin the process, a child must first register for Kindergarten at their designated English-language school. 

View more about French Immersion Kindergarten

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Kindergarten Registration FAQ  

How do I register a child for Kindergarten at a Thames Valley School? What documents do I need to complete the process? 
You can begin the registration process by visiting the TVDSB main website. 

Under the Parents tab go to the Kindergarten Program section and there you can begin the online registration process. During the online registration process, you will be able to find your child’s school by inputting your entire address including postal code.  

To complete the registration process, you will need to provide the school with proof of address and a copy of your child's identification. 

How do I register my child for Before and After School care?  
During the online registration process caregivers can indicate their interest in Before and After school care.  To find out details about which Licensed Child Care Operator provides Before and After school care at your child's designated schoolyou can contact the school or visit the Early Years section found under the Patents tab on the TVDSB main website. 
How do I register my child for the school bus?  
During the registration process you will want to check with your designated school to see if your child is eligible for busing.  Caregivers will need to register their child with My Big Yellow Bus to ensure that they are included on the appropriate bus route.  To do this you will need to visit, 
If I have a specific question about my child's particular individual situation or needs, who should I contact? 
If you have an individual or specific question regarding your child, you should contact your designated school.  This will help to ensure that information is shared with the appropriate staff and that families can be connected with the appropriate school specific contacts.  
What are the routines for getting Kindergarten children off of the School Bus in the morning and then on the School Bus at the end of the day? 
Each school will have its own designated routines for entry and dismissal.  If your child rides the school bus, they will be provided with a colour coded tag that indicates which bus they are to ride at the end of the school day. Before and after school care operators will also have practices that ensure all children enrolled in their programs arrive at the appropriate classroom at the start of the day and transition to the program safely at the end of the school day. If you have specific questions we recommend connecting with your child's school. 
How can I share with the school about my child’s medical needs? What forms might I need to complete if my child has an allergy or needs medication? 
During the enrollment process there is a section where you can provide information regarding medical needs and allergies etc. It is best to connect directly with your child's school so that you can share important information and provide any documentation that may be necessary.  The school will provide caregivers with any forms that need to be completed to ensure the safety and health of each child.  
Where can I find information about the start and end time of the school day? 
Please contact your child's school directly for specific information regarding entry, lunch, recess and dismissal times.  
What is the general routine of the school day? What kinds of activities might my child participate in throughout the day? 
Each school and classroom will have their own daily routines.  In Kindergarten children will follow a flow of the day that indicates when certain activities and routines will occur.  Throughout the day children will engage in a balance of whole class instruction, independent learning and play and exploration.  Children will spend time both indoors and outside and may visit other spaces in the school such as the library or gym. Your child's classroom educator team will provide caregivers with more details about classroom activities during the first weeks of school.  
How do schools and classroom educators communicate with families and caregivers? What is the best way to communicate with the school? 

There are many ways that caregivers can get incontact with their child’s school if they have questions, their child is going to be away, or they are looking for community resources.  

When you enroll your child with TVDSB you will gain access to School Messenger.  This is an electronic system that all schools use to communicate with families and caregivers.  You can also call the school during the day, where the school staff can support you in finding the information needed.   

TVDSB also has easy access to translator services to help reduce communication barriers.  School staff can help families access phone and in-person translators to provide support for school events or meetings. 

What are the requirements for children regarding toileting and do they need to be fully toilet trained before beginning school? 
Children in Kindergarten have access to washrooms either inside their classroom or nearby.   Educators respect each child’s development in relation to their ability to be independent in the washroom.  We recognize that starting school for the first time can be stressful for children and that they may experience situations where they require a change of clothes. A second pair of clothes supports children should their clothes become soiled or wet.   

To support children’s transition to Kindergarten and respect their dignity, it is very helpful to support your child in the coming months with independence in the washroom.  Helping them notice when their body needs to go to the washroom, wiping themselves clean, pulling down and pulling up underwear/pull ups.   

Will there be an opportunity to visit the school and classrooms before the starting in September? 
In the late spring schools will host a “Welcome to Kindergarten” open house.  During this time caregivers and children will have the opportunity to meet some of the school's educators and staff.  They might also have the chance to visit a classroom and see other spaces in the school.  Caregivers can also find school specific information on their child's school website under the Kindergarten Tab.  
When is the first day of school for the 2023/2024 school year? 
Many schools may stagger the start of Kindergarten learners and each school will contact families by the end of June 2023 with a start date between September 6th and 8th. For grades 1 - 8 school begins on Wednesday September 6th. 
What items are recommended for children to have when starting school? 
During your child’s school Welcome to Kindergarten sessions, educators might provide caregivers with a brief list of items that children will need to bring to school.  Some key items that all children will need are: 
  • a bag or backpack that they are able to carry on their own 

  • lunch bag and refillable water bottle  

  • consider containers children can open and close independently 

  • extra clothes  

  • Indoor shoes 

*It is important to label items with your child's name  

Most schools discourage children from bringing toys or electronics from home, as there are many wonderful learning tools and materials in the classroom that children can explore throughout the day.  

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