Kindergarten Registration

Register between January 21 and February 8, 2019
by completing the new online pre-registration 

How to Register

Use our School Locator Tool if you aren't sure which school your child will be attending.

About Kindergarten

You can expect that throughout each day, your child will be involved in spontaneous play as well as more structured play-based learning. As children play, they learn about the world around them and how it works, about other people, and about themselves. Teachers and Early Childhood Educators have carefully organized the full day for your child, keeping in mind that young children will require adequate nutrition breaks and quiet opportunities.

The activities offered to your child are based on the Kindergarten program document, developed by the Ministry of Education. It is a program that capitalizes on the children's natural curiosity and their desire to make sense of their environment. Through exploration, investigation, and communication, your child will be excited about their learning.

For more information on kindergarten, visit the Ministry of Education's website.



 Eligibility Requirements

Your child must turn four years old by December 31st to be eligible for junior kindergarten. To be eligible for senior kindergarten, your child must be five years old by December 31st. To register for grade 1, your child must be six years of age by December 31st.

Ready for School Program

The Ready for School program helps ease the transition to junior kindergarten for your child by giving them an opportunity to visit their future school three times before they start. You and your child will see the kindergarten classroom, take part in fun activities and discover community partners that will provide you with helpful resources.

Community Partners are integral to making Ready for School a success. These agencies provide important information on child development, activities that parents can do at home, and programs offered that children and parents can attend prior to the start of junior kindergarten.

The following goals are central to the "Ready For School" philosophy:

  • To develop links between Ontario Early Years Centres, Community Agencies and School Boards to optimize the available resources for parents and children
  • To build quality family literacy, numeracy, healthy active living, arts and music programs for parents/caregivers from diverse cultural, ethnic and linguistic backgrounds
  • To provide guided observation and learning opportunities for parents that are relevant to the developmental stages and needs of their children
  • To provide learning opportunities for children and their parents to engage in structured, shared activities with the schools

Check our Calendar to see when the Ready for School program is at your school.

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