How to Register

Canadian Citizens and Permanent Resident Students living with a Parent/Legal Guardian

Please follow the steps below to ensure you have all of the necessary information and documentation to register your student at their school. 

Step 1: Find your school

Find your school using the School Locator

Step 2: Begin the pre-registration process

Complete the online pre-registration. You can also print out and complete the Student Registration Form.

Step 3: Collect required original documentation

1. Proof of Birth:

  • Birth Certificate, or
  • Baptismal Certificate, or
  • Registration of Birth, or
  • Passport

2. Proof of Living Address:

  • Current Agreement of Purchase and Sale/Lease Agreement, or
  • Current Utility Bill, or
  • Current Property Tax Bill, or
  • Current Home Phone/Cable/Internet Bill
  • Note: Drivers License is not accepted.

3. Proof of Eligibility to Attend (for Permanent Residents and Canadians born outside of Canada):

  • Canadian Passport, or
  • Canadian Citizenship Certificate, or
  • Record of Landing, or
  • Confirmation of Permanent Residence, or
  • Permanent Residence Card

4.  Legal Documents Related to Custody and Access (if applicable).

 Step 4: Completing the Registration Process

a) Once you complete the on-line pre-registration form, TVDSB will contact you to verify your child's date of birth and living address. 

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