How to Register

Canadian Citizens and Permanent Resident Students living with a Parent/Legal Guardian

In-person registration is required at all schools. Please follow the steps below to ensure you have all of the necessary information and documentation to register your student at their school. 

Step 1: Find your school

1. Find your school using the School Locator

Step 2: Begin the pre-registration process

Elementary and Secondary School

Please complete the online pre-registration.


You can also print out and complete the Student Registration Form. Copies of this form are also available at all schools.


Step 3: Collect required original documentation

1. Proof of Birth:

  • Birth Certificate, or
  • Baptismal Certificate, or
  • Registration of Birth, or
  • Passport

2. Proof of Living Address:

  • Current Agreement of Purchase and Sale/Lease Agreement, or
  • Current Utility Bill, or
  • Current Property Tax Bill, or
  • Current Home Phone/Cable/Internet Bill
  • Note: Drivers License is not accepted.

3. Proof of Eligibility to Attend (for Permanent Residents and Canadians born outside of Canada):

  • Canadian Passport, or
  • Canadian Citizenship Certificate, or
  • Record of Landing, or
  • Confirmation of Permanent Residence, or
  • Permanent Residence Card

4.  Legal Documents Related to Custody and Access (if applicable).

 Step 4: Contact your school

Visit your school. Please bring the original documentation noted above, as well as print and bring the completed preregistration form to the school to complete the registration process (either the online pre-registration form or the downloaded form).  

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