Bus Cancellations and School Closures

In support of Thames Valley’s commitment to ensuring the safety of all students, inclement weather due to severe weather conditions, may require that schools be closed in specific areas or regions of the board.  

When the *bussed schools, as listed below, have bus route cancellations as a result of weather conditions, those affected schools, located within the region or zone, will be required to close and transition to remote learning on those days. This decision has been made given that staffing shortages combined with inclement weather pose a challenge in ensuring the safety of students. Our preference is to avoid combining classes, where possible. 

We recognize that the closure of schools will have an impact on families who may be unable to care for their child at home. On-site Child Care Centres will remain open. Before/After School Programs will be closed.  

Given the recent work by TVDSB staff to prepare for remote learning, the Thames Valley District School Board is positioned to offer a virtual option for students to learn during days when school facilities are not opened to staff and students. 

During inclement weather/emergency school closure learning days, students will be able to access independent learning activities from their classroom’s digital platform. Live or synchronous learning opportunities may also be able to be provided. Check your child’s digital platform at the beginning of the school day for more details.  

*A bussed school is a school that relies on regular bus transportation to bring students to and from school. This does not include students approved for Specialized Transportation through the TVDSB Special Education Department. 


Elementary Bussed Schools Affected 

City of London 

  • Arthur Stringer PS 
  • Ashley Oaks PS 
  • Byron Northview PS 
  • Byron Somerset PS 
  • Byron Southwood PS 
  • CC Carrothers PS 
  • Cedar Hollow PS 
  • Chippewa PS 
  • Clara Brenton PS 
  • Eagle Heights PS 
  • East Carling PS 
  • Emily Carr PS 
  • Evelyn Harrison PS 
  • Fairmont PS 
  • FD Roosevelt PS 
  • Jack Chambers PS 
  • Jean Sauve FI
  • John Dearness PS
  • John P Robarts PS 
  • Kensal Park FI
  • Knollwood Park PS
  • Lambeth PS 
  • Lester B. Pearson 
  • Lord Nelson PS 
  • Lord Roberts PS
  • Louise Arbour FI 
  • Masonville PS
  • Mountsfield PS 
  • Northridge PS
  • Old North PS (Ryerson PS) 
  • Orchard Park PS 
  • Prince Charles PS 
  • Princess Anne FI 
  • Princess Elizabeth PS 
  • Riverside PS 
  • Sir Arthur Currie PS 
  • Sir Isaac Brock PS 
  • Sir John A Macdonald PS 
  • St. George’s PS 
  • Stoneybrook PS 
  • Stoney Creek PS 
  • Tweedsmuir PS 
  • University Heights PS 
  • Victoria Public School 
  • W Sherwood Fox PS 
  • Westminster Central PS 
  • West Oaks FI
  • Westmount PS 
  • White Oaks PS 
  • Woodland Heights PS 
  • Wilfrid Jury PS 

Elgin County 

  • Aldborough PS 
  • Davenport PS 
  • Dunwich-Dutton PS 
  • Elgin Court PS 
  • Éva Circé-Côté FI  
  • Forest Park PS 
  • John Wise PS 
  • June Rose Callwood PS 
  • Kettle Creek PS 
  • Locke’s PS 
  • McGregor PS
  • Mitchell Hepburn PS 
  • New Sarum PS 
  • Pierre Elliott Trudeau FI
  • Port Burwell PS 
  • South Dorchester PS 
  • Southwold PS 
  • Springfield PS 
  • Straffordville PS 
  • Summer’s Corners PS 

Oxford County 

  • A.J. Baker PS
  • Annandale PS
  • Blenheim District PS
  • Central PS 
  • East Oxford PS 
  • Emily Stowe PS
  • Harrisfield PS 
  • Hickson Central PS 
  • Innerkip Central PS 
  • Laurie Hawkins PS 
  • Oliver Stephens PS
  • Plattsville & District PS
  • Roch Carrier FI 
  • South Ridge PS 
  • Southside PS
  • Springbank PS 
  • Tavistock PS
  • Thamesford PS 
  • Westfield PS 
  • Winchester PS
  • Zorra Highland Park PS  

Middlesex County 

  • Adelaide- W.G. MacDonald PS
  • Caradoc PS 
  • Caradoc North PS
  • Centennial Central PS 
  • Delaware Central PS
  • East Williams PS
  • Ekcoe Central PS 
  • JS Buchanan FI 
  • Mary Wright PS 
  • McGillivray Central PS
  • Mosa Central PS 
  • Northdale Central PS
  • North Meadows PS 
  • Oxbow PS 
  • Parkhill-West Williams PS
  • Parkview PS 
  • River Heights PS 
  • Valleyview PS
  • West Nissouri PS 
  • Wilberforce PS 

Secondary Bussed Schools Affected 

City of London 

  • A.B. Lucas SS 
  • B Davison SS 
  • Clarke Road SS 
  • HB Beal SS 
  • London Central SS 
  • Montcalm SS 
  • Saunders SS 
  • Sir Frederick Banting SS 
  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier SS 
  • South CI 
  • Westminster SS 

Elgin County 

  • Arthur Voaden SS 
  • Central Elgin CI 
  • East Elgin SS 
  • Parkside CI 
  • West Elgin SS 

Oxford County 

  • College Avenue SS 
  • Glendale HS 
  • Huron Park SS 
  • Ingersoll District CI 
  • Woodstock CI 

Middlesex County 

  • Glencoe District HS 
  • Lord Dorchester SS 
  • Medway HS 
  • North Middlesex SS
  • Strathroy District CI 

The safety of all students, staff, and community members is a priority and decisions related to school closures are not made lightly. 

All information about bus delays and cancellations is provided on www.mybigyellowbus.ca.

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