Special Education Teams

We all share in the responsibility of providing appropriate education for every student in our Board. The classroom/subject teacher may access resource staff within the school or draw upon the wider resources of the system as the need arises. We offer a variety of services, programs and strategies to achieve measurable and successful outcomes.

We offer the following supports and services for students:

ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Resource Team
The Applied Behaviour Analysis Team (ABA) supports the Connections for Students process which serves to ensure a successful transition from Intensive Behaviour Intervention through community Autism Intervention Program providers to full-time attendance at school. The ABA team also provides professional development for the implementation of applied behaviour analysis principles and strategies for students with Autism as well as any other students who may benefit.
Audiology Services
Audiology Services ensure that children's personal listening devices or hearing aids are functioning well within the classroom and other school settings, that classroom amplification system are functioning well, and that teachers are comfortable using the equipment.  The Audiologists are committed to hearing conservation through early education of students on noise-induced hearing loss. They work collaboratively with the hearing resource team and school teams as well as liaise with community professionals to support students with hearing loss as well as auditory processing delays and disorders. 
Assistive Technology Team
The Assistive Technology (AT) Team supports training for staff and students in the provision and effective use of assistive technology to support student achievement and well-being. The AT Team also provides professional development to staff related to the application of assistive technology to support instruction and assessment.
Hearing Resource Team 
The Hearing Resource Team provides support to students on a referral basis in the areas of auditory skills, communication development, academic achievement, and social/emotional growth. Hearing Resource Teachers support programming for modified and alternative expectations as outlined in the Individual Education Plan and provide technological support for the appropriate use and maintenance of amplification equipment. The Hearing Resource Team also seeks to build capacity among staff to support the unique needs of students with hearing loss and may provide in-service to teachers and support staff on an individual and small group basis. 
Psychological Services
The Psychology Department is a team of dedicated Psychologists, Psychological Associates and Psychometrists who provide a wide range of services to students, staff and families. Psychological Services staff conduct comprehensive assessments of students' intellectual/cognitive, social emotional, behavioural and classroom-based functioning and provide consultation to teachers, learning coordinators, principals, and parents regarding students and school issues. The Psychology Department also offers training and professional development relating to special education and the mental health and well-being of students to the school system.

The Psychological Services staff are trained in helping individuals cope with traumatic events and in assessing those at risk who require immediate care and/or long-term assistance. The staff may also provide short-term therapy for students with behavioural, social and emotional difficulties which interfere with their abilities to benefit from classroom instruction. Our team also helps to facilitate referrals and consultations with community agencies and other health professionals.
School Counselling and Social Work Services 
School Counselling and Social Work Services provides evidence informed individual, family and group support, counselling and consultation to help students overcome mental health/social/emotional barriers to learning. Our focus is on a strengths based approach to help increase resiliency and promote positive mental health and well-being.  
Special Education Resource Team

The Special Education Resource Team works with school teams, supporting students identified as exceptional in integrated and self-contained placements at both the elementary and secondary level. The Special Education Resource Team also provides professional development for staff, related to evidence-based practices, for supporting all students, including the implementation of Applied Behaviour Analysis principles and strategies.

Speech and Language Pathology

Speech-Language Pathologists provide a full range of services to meet the communication needs of a student through an educational service delivery model, advancing communication skills within the school environment and fostering the transfer of these skills to other settings. The Speech-Language Pathology staff offer screening, assessment and intervention services for students. Collaborations with families, educators and other team members are instrumental.  A full range of evidence informed interventions are employed. The team also provides professional development and public education opportunities for school and system staff, families and community partners.

The Short-term Assistance Resource Team (START Team) consists of experienced Educational Assistants with Applied Behaviour Analysis training to support students with complex needs. The purpose of the START program is to provide timely intensive support and intervention to students with extensive or pervasive needs who are currently not accessing the support of an Educational Assistant. These students are either new or they are existing students whose learning profile has changed and additional short-term support is indicated. START Educational Assistants support the implementation of universal supports and specific strategies based on the individual strengths and needs of the students to whom they are assigned and assist teachers in establishing the classroom conditions necessary for learning and independence. START Educational Assistants are not intended to provide ongoing intensive support.
Vision Resource Team
We provide a range of services to students who are visually impaired. Service is provided to students from Kindergarten to grade 12 with a condition of partial or total impairment of sight or vision that even with correction affects educational performance adversely. Vision Resource Services is comprised of a team of Vision Resource Teachers and Orientation and Mobility Instructors. Together, they review students' needs, make recommendations for strategies to support learning, work directly with students to teach braille literacy and safe travel around the school and community, and monitor students' progress and continuing needs. Students with degenerative eye diseases, who do not qualify for low vision support, will be monitored. The amount and type of service is based on the students' individual needs. 

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