Special Education Plan

Special Education Plan 2017-18

Our special education programs and services are described in the Special Education Plan. The plan is organized by standard as defined by the Ministry of Education, Standards for School Boards' Special Education Plans, and is reviewed and revised annually.


Acronyms Related to Special Education

Standard 1: The Board's Consultation Process for the Special Education Plan

Standard 2: The Board's General Model for Special Education

Standard 3: Roles and Responsibilities

Standard 4: Early and Ongoing Identification Process

Standard 5: The Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC) Process and Appeals

Standard 6: Educational and Other Assessments

Standard 7: Specialized Health Support Services in School Settings

Standard 8: Categories and Definitions of Exceptionalities

Standard 9: Special Education Placements Provided by the Board

Standard 10: Individual Education Plans (IEPs)

Standard 11: Provincial and Demonstration Schools in Ontario

Standard 13: Staff Development

Standard 14: Equipment

Standard 15: Accessibility of School Buildings

Standard 16: Transportation

Standard 17: The Board's Special Education Advisory Committee

Standard 18: Coordination of Other Services with Other Ministries or Agencies

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