Special Education Advisory Committee

In Ontario, boards are required to establish a Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC). These committees include trustees and representatives from local parent associations. These representatives serve as advocates for children and parents, and the associations have useful parent resources.

SEAC provides the Board with advice about special education programs and services. Members of SEAC include representatives from local community-based organizations, three trustees, a local native group and members of the community. Membership is for a four-year term and coincides with the municipal elections.

This Statutory Committee generally meets on the second Monday/Tuesday (alternating) of the month (except during July, August and December) at the Education Centre in London.

The 2014-2018 Committee Members:

Joyce Bennett, Trustee
Ruth Tisdale, Trustee
Chris Goodall, Trustee

Agency representatives




Association for Bright Children

135 Delmont Place, London


Christine Thammavongsa

Shachar Weis (Alternate)

Autism Ontario

32-1225 Wonderland Rd.

Sherwood Library-Sherwood Forest Mall



Suzanne Young

Vacant (Alternate)

Children's Aid Society of London & Middlesex

1680 Oxford Street E., London


Mike Cvetkovich

Jessica Simpson (Alternate)

Community Living Education Committee

190 Adelaide Street S., London


Barb Furac

Vacant (Alternate)

Easter Seals

974 Dearness Drive, London

Alison Morse

Carol Marson (Alternate)

Epilepsy Support Centre

690 Hale St., London


Bob Harvey

Nicola Chernial(Alternate)

FASD E.L.M.O. Network



Tracy Grant

Wendy Conforzi (Alternate)

First Nations Representative

Antler River Elementary

324 Chippewa Rd, Muncey

Carol-Anne Dendias

Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario, London Region

#205-303 Richmond St., London


Paul Cook

Vacant (Alternate)

Ontario Parents Advocating for Children with Cancer

524 Bayfield St. N., Barrie


Lori Turner-Otte

Vacant (Alternate)

Thames Valley Children's Centre

779 Base Line Rd E., London

Janet Gritzan

Stacy McDougall (Alternate)

Vanier Children's Services

871 Trafalgar St., London

Sandy Dobaczewski

Sharon Walker (Alternate)

VIEWS for Visually Impaired


Jill Schaefer

Vacant (Alternate)

VOICE for Hearing Impaired

c/o 1565 Hillside Dr., London

Michele Barbeau

Vacant (Alternate)

Administrative Resource to the Committee:

  • Riley Culhane, Associate Director
  • Andrew Canham, Superintendent of Student Achievement
  • Andrea Leatham, Learning Supervisor
  • Roseanne Ferrara, Learning Supervisor
  • Matthew Chevalier, Elementary Principal
  • J. Bruce, Elementary Principal
  • Tiffany Birtch, Secondary Principal
  • Dan Clarke, Secondary Principal

2018/19 Meeting Information

SEAC Presentations & Resources

SEAC Handbook

Renewed Math Strategy BIPSA Update - November 2016

Ontario Special Needs Strategy: Integrated Delivery of Rehabilitation Services - October 2016


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