School Within a School

School Within a School

School Within a School, also known as SCH(school)OOL, promotes widespread collaboration, innovation and creativity in schools. This is a way to put ideas into action and remove some of the restrictions of traditional schools.

Think back to your time in public school. If typical, your school was likely quite fragmented with everything organized into distinct disciplines and departments. Your regular day was also highly segmented - cut into regular blocks of time - math, pack up head into science, pack up and head into English, pack up and so on and so on. This long standing approach in mainstream education has been identified by researchers, educators and students as falling behind the times. Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB), like many School Boards across the country and the globe, are exploring approaches to better meet the needs and desires of students, staff and the broader community.

We offer a range of integrated courses and programs. Click on a location in the map below to discover what course bundles currently being offered at each school.




  • Promotes global competencies as vital skills for those inheriting the 21st Century
  • Jobs, jobs, jobs! Gives our students a head start to promising and exciting career paths
  • Innovative project-based team-based approach - not a traditional school
  • Partners with community organizations for authentic challenges and project opportunities
  • Provides practice with New Technologies, New Products, New Processes and New Systems
Visit the SCH(school)OOL program website for more in-depth information on the research and rationale behind School Within a School.
We are looking for community partners to bring authentic challenges and problems for our students to work on. If your organization is interested, please visit the SCH(school)OOL program website to find out how to become involved.
Visit the SCH(school)OOL program website to find out how to bring this initiative to your school.

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