New Credit eLearning

New Credit Grade 9 to 12 summer eLearning courses are open to current Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB) secondary day school students, and TVDSB adult students who are working towards completing their Secondary School Diploma. See our eLearning Course Offerings under Related Links below.

Registration Opens May 1, 2020

See "How to Register" under Registration Information below.
Program Dates
Orientation Session

A summer eLearning Orientation Session will be held on Thursday July 2, 2020, at G.A. Wheable Centre, 70 Jacqueline St., London. New eLearning students are strongly encouraged to attend. An email notification with details will be sent to registered eLearning students prior to the session date. 


Full Credit eLearning Courses

Thursday July 2, 2020 to Tuesday July 28, 2020


Half Credit eLearning Courses

CHV2O - Civics and Citizenship
GLC2O - Career Studies
BOTH of these courses are run during the first two week period of summer school from Thursday July 2, 2020 to Wednesday July 15, 2020, and both run again during the second two week period of summer school from Thursday July 16, 2020 to Tuesday July 28, 2020.

General Information and Expectations
  1. Students may only take ONE Summer School Credit Course, regardless of the mode of delivery. This can be one full credit course, or two half credit courses (e.g. Civics, Careers).
  2. Students who have a high degree of self-motivation and the ability to work independently are best suited for eLearning courses.
  3. Students must have access to a computer/device and must also have reliable internet access for the full duration of their eLearning course; all course work will need to be completed online.
  4. As in traditional classes, regular attendance in eLearning is critical for success at summer school. Students must log in every school day (Monday to Friday) and are expected to spend 5.5 hours per day on their eLearning course, plus additional time for assignments and studying for tests and exams. All work must be completed and submitted as instructed by the eLearning teacher. Students are expected to keep up with the course material, due dates and time commitments each week. Students who do not login to their eLearning course regularly risk being removed from the course for failing to meet the requirements.
  5. International Students who are currently required to pay International Fees to attend regular day school will also be required to pay a fee to attend Summer School. This fee must be paid prior to registering for a summer eLearning course. See details under Registration Information below.
  6. TVDSB reserves the right to cancel courses if there is insufficient enrolment. Students/parents/legal guardians will be notified by email if the course they registered for is cancelled.
  7. Summer eLearning students are expected to adhere to the standard rules of academic integrity, the same as expected of students in a classroom setting. It is recommended that students read the entire Summer School Code of Conduct.
Registration Information

**Summer eLearning Courses are open to current TVDSB students only**

Registration Opens: Friday May 1, 2020

Registration Closes: Friday June 26, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.

**Late registrations will not be accepted.

We recommend that you register early to secure a spot in your preferred course. Once a course is full a wait-list will be established and used on a first-come, first-served basis. Also, please be aware that a course may be cancelled if there is insufficient enrolment for the course.

Students under 18 years of age must have parent/legal guardian approval to register for summer school.

Secondary school students should speak to their current school Guidance Counsellor regarding course selections and the required prerequisite courses.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Students who are currently required to pay International Fees to attend regular day school will also be required to pay a fee for Summer School. This fee must be paid prior to registering for a summer eLearning course. 

The 2020 fees are as follows:

  • $1781.25 for a full credit course (or 2 half credit courses)
  • $890.60 for a half credit course

Payment must be made in person at G.A. Wheable Centre - Summer School Office, 70 Jacqueline St, London. Payments can only be accepted Monday to Friday from 8:30-11:30 a.m. or from 1:00-2:45 p.m. by one of the following payment methods:

  • Money order or bank draft made payable to: Thames Valley District school Board
  • Cash (must be exact amount, we cannot provide change)
  • Debit (one transaction only, daily limit must allow for full payment

A receipt will be issued at the time of payment.

NOTE: The school Guidance Counsellor cannot register an international student for a summer eLearning course without the receipt showing that the course fees have been paid.


Current TVDSB secondary school students interested in taking a summer eLearning course must meet with their current school guidance counsellor to discuss the registration requirements and to complete the registration process.

Grade 8 students starting Grade 9 at a TVDSB secondary school in September 2020

The student/parent/legal guardian must speak to the Learning Support Teacher (LST) or the Guidance Lead at their current elementary school if they are interested in registering for a summer eLearning course.


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