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The easiest way to plan your education and career.

The myBlueprint Education Planner is an online tool available to all TVDSB students (Grades 7-12), teachers and parents to: investigate and research educational options for all pathways (apprenticeship, work, college and university), discover learning styles, explore career interest surveys, plan secondary school courses, set short-term and long-terms goals, build resumes and much more.

Go to to create and account.

You may also contact your secondary school Guidance Counselor or Student Success teacher for more information or assistance. 

Step-by-step guide

This will help you complete online course selection using the myBlueprint website. You will require the information below to get started:

  1. Visit
  2. Click "Login with school account" 
  3. Course Selection - From your Home screen, click on the "View Courses" button that appears in the Course Selection box.
  4. Add Courses for next year
    • In High School Planner, click + (Course).        ï 
    • In the Course Selection and Details screen, explore the available courses.
    • Click "Add Course" when you find the course you want.
  5. Review & submit your courses - Click "Review Submission" to ensure that you are meeting the requirements and that the courses that appear are correct. Once you have reviewed, click "Submit Course Selections".
  6. Print - Click on "Print Sign-Off Sheet" (if required by the high school).

You're Done! Print and return a signed copy of your Course Selection Sign-Off Sheet to your Counsellor or Teacher.

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