International Certificate Program

Through the International Certificate Program, high school students become informed, engaged and active global citizens.


There are five components that must be completed for the students to earn the certificate:

Component 1: Workshops on Cultural Awareness and International Communication

Students participate in a series of workshops around cultural awareness and international communication throughout the length of the program.

Component 2: International Language

Students must study an international language either offered by your high school, through Adult, Alternative and Continuing Education or through a provider approved by your school's principal, the international Certificate Advisor, and the International Certificate Coordinator.

Component 3: International Coursework

  1. Students must complete at least two major summative tasks with a specific internationalized focus in any courses between grades 9 and 12.
  2. Complete four grade 11 or 12 level courses with an international focus offered by your school.

Component 4: International Experience and Engagement

Gain international experience locally or abroad. Students can choose from a number of different options including a long-term student exchange or study abroad program, a series of short-term intercultural experiences, active engagement in local international and intercultural activities or a combination of these activities.

Component 5: Portfolio and Personal Reflection

Students will create a portfolio to showcase your achievements and experiences from the International Certificate Program.


The International Certificate Program is only available at select Thames Valley schools.

For more information, contact your school's International Certificate Advisor.

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