French as a Second Language Programs

We value the learning of French and recognize the many benefits that French-language skills provide students.

We offer two programs for French as a second language:

Core French

The Core French program is mandatory in all English-language schools. Core French instruction begins in Grade 4 and is offered to the end of Grade 12. Students must complete one credit of Core French to graduate from secondary school. From Grades 4 to 8 students will receive a minimum of 600 hours of French instruction (40 minutes daily) in the following areas:

  • Oral communication - listening and speaking;
  • Reading;
  • and Writing.


How can I help my child prepare for French instruction? 
Children are not expected to know any French prior to beginning Core French in grade 4. Even if they do not know French themselves, parents can encourage their children to take an interest in French in various ways. Children might enjoy noticing and examining how French is used in their environment - for example, on packaging and on signage. Some children might also enjoy listening to French children's songs and rhymes, watching French children's programming, videos, or movies, counting in French, or singing the alphabet in French. Parent engagement leads to student success.
I don't speak French. How can I help my child with French homework?

Parents of Core French students are not expected to know French. Although French is the language of instruction in the Core French classroom, communication between school and home is in English.

Parents can help by providing a regular time and place for children to complete work at home. Making homework a routine part of after-school activity will help to ensure that children do their homework assignments. It is also important for parents to applaud their children's efforts - for example, when they listen to their children read or practice oral French. 

French Immersion

Thames Valley is proud to deliver consistent, equitable access to high-quality French Immersion programming for Grade 1 to Grade 12 students across the district.

Please note that entry into Senior Kindergarten and Grade 7 has been discontinued. More information may be found at this link:

Who may enroll?

Eligibility Requirements for September 2020:

  • Students entering Grade 1 French Immersion must be 6 years old by December 31, 2020.
  • When registering your child, you must produce proof of age and address (birth or baptismal certificate, registration of birth,  passport, copy of lease agreement or utility bill).
Do parents/guardians need to speak French?
Parents/guardians are not expected to have French language skills in order to send their child to a French Immersion school. Parent/teacher interviews and report cards are in English.
Is busing provided?
Yes. Students will be provided transportation to their designated French Immersion school.
What schools offer French Immersion?


Elementary School Address Phone Number
Éva Circé-Côté French Immersion P.S. 45885 Sparta Line RR4, St. Thomas 519-775-2541
J.S. Buchanan French Immersion P.S 248 Keefer St., Strathroy 519-245-0473
Jeanne Sauvé French Immersion P.S. 215 Wharncliffe Rd.N., London 519-452-8250
Kensal Park French Immersion P.S. 328 Springbank Dr., London 519-452-8280
Lord Roberts French Immersion P.S 440 Princess Ave., London 519-452-8330
Louise Arbour French Immersion P.S. 365 Belfield St., London 519-452-2820
Pierre Elliott Trudeau French Immersion P.S. 112 Churchill Cres., St. Thomas 519-631-7820
Princess Anne French Immersion P.S. 191 Dawn Dr., London 519-452-8480
Princess Elizabeth P.S. 247 Thomson Rd., London 519-452-8490
Roch Carrier French Immersion P.S. 840 Sloane St., Woodstock 519-537-7321
West Oaks French Immersion P.S. 1050 Plantation Rd., London 519-452-8650


Will my child get the same program offered in regular English school?
Yes. The French Immersion Program provides a full and balanced program in all areas of the curriculum and follows the same guidelines as those in English language schools.
How do I register my child for French Immersion?
Refer to French Immersion Registration for more information.
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