Education and Community Partnership Programs (ECPP)

As an integrated part of Ontario’s education system, the Education and Community Partnership Program (ECPP) provides critical support to meet the needs of children and youth who cannot attend school due to their primary need for care, treatment and/or rehabilitation services; and facilitates transitions to future educational success.

ECPP’s are voluntary collaborative partnerships between Ontario district school boards and government-approved facilities such as children mental health agencies, hospitals, or youth detention centres. District school boards provide the educational component while facilities provide the care and/or treatment or rehabilitation.  Children and youth in these programs may have:

  • special education needs
  • physical or mental health needs requiring them to be hospitalized
  • possible or diagnosed mental health or psychiatric needs
  • severe emotional and behavioural needs
  • addictions
  • conflict with the law or at risk of being in conflict with the law

Purpose of ECPP

The government of Ontario expects all students to attend school when possible. Where a student has special education needs, these needs should be accommodated, if possible, through programs and services offered through the school board/school. ECPP is for students who cannot attend their regular school because of their primary need for care, treatment and/or rehabilitation services.

Education and Instruction

We welcome and support all students into our various programs. Working with our agency partners, our goal is to support youth in a caring, supportive, and inclusive environment where everyone is valued. Academic programs are delivered in a flexible and individualized manner with student instruction based on individual strengths, interests and needs. The use of accommodations, modifications and/or alternative programming is reflected in the education plan. Students in our ECPP classrooms are taught by Thames Valley District School Board teachers following the Ontario Curriculum. We have programs from Kindergarten through Grade 12. Due to the unique needs of students in ECPPs, the Ministry has identified three essential components for the education component of an ECPP:

  1. Instruction and Intervention
  2. Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting on Educational Achievement
  3. Transition Planning

Accessing Agency Partners

Community schools, along with parents/guardians may advocate for students to receive a placement within one of our programs.  Please see the attached list of agency partners and their website links for further information on how to access these programs. Point of access does not come through the Thames Valley District School Board, but could be through the agency itself, Children’s Aid Society or CSCN (Community Services Coordination Network). You are always welcome to contact Madeline Hardy and WD Sutton School Administrators for any assistance. 

Please see link to Community Agency Partners and School Administration contact information.







Administrative Secretary


Administrative Assistant


Superintendent of Education

Jeff Smith                   519 452-0841 ext. 4

Karen Ternowski       519 452-0841 ext.3

Rhonda Woermke    519 452-0841 ext.2

Rebecca Springer     519 452-2000 ext. 41553

Andrew Canham      519 452-2000 ext. 20501


Madeline Hardy School

CPRI – Child and Parent Resource Institute


600 Sanatorium Road,

London    N6H 3W7

TEL: 519-858-2774 ext. 2214

FAX: 519-452-8961


W. D. Sutton School

Locations listed below

600 Sanatorium Road,

London    N6H 3W7

TEL:  452-0840         FAX: 452 8961


Vanier Children's Mental Wellness

871 Trafalgar Street, London     N5Z 1E6


TEL: 433-3101

FAX: 433-1302

London Health Science Centre


800 Commissioners Road East, N6A 5W9


TEL:  685-8500

FAX: 685-8187


Craigwood Youth Services

Hamilton Road Day Treatment

520 Hamilton Road,

London    N5Z 1S4


TEL:  432-2623

FAX: 432-8964


Craigwood Youth Services

Ailsa Craig Campus


26996 New Ontario Road, R.R.#1,

Ailsa Craig N0M 1A0

TEL :  232-4301

FAX : 232-4952


Craigwood Youth Services


26996 New Ontario Road, R.R.#1,

Ailsa Craig N0M 1A0

TEL :  232-4301

FAX : 232-4952


Youth Centre for Change

1233 Dundas Street East, London      N5W 3B1

TEL: 455-6317

FAX: 453-0124

Humana Community Services

King Street

583 King Street,

London    N6B 1T4

TEL:  433-0695

FAX: 433-2089



Humana Community Services

Parkhill Therapeutic Care Residence

258 Hastings Street,

Parkhill    N0M 2K0

TEL: 519 435-1099


Humana Community Services

Maitland Street Residence

372 Maitland Street, London    N6B 2Y9


TEL: 432-2209 ext.3601

FAX:  432-2200

Humana Community Services

Hardes Geddes House


507 Queens Ave. London Ont.

N6B 1Y3

TEL: 519 432-2209

FAX: 519 438 - 4683

Wellkin Child & Youth Mental Wellness

Pittock Day Treatment Program

Annandale P.S

60 Tillson Avenue, Tillsonburg   

N4G 3A1


TEL:  539-0463,

ext. 3 FAX: 688-4839

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