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Dual Credit Update Regarding Dual Credit Achievement

April 23, 2020


Dual Credit and SWAC Program Students.


I am writing to clarify any misinformation with respect to assessment and evaluation during this semester, as a result of school closures in response to COVID – 19.


Our Director Mark Fisher has made it clear that students currently in TVDSB programs at the time of the March 13 announcement of school closure will not have their mark decrease over the semester. It is critical that students engage in the work to strengthen their knowledge and understanding of all concepts in their courses to ensure they can be successful in their next year of school.


While Director Fisher speaks for the Thames Valley District School Board, you need to know that this assessment plan does NOT apply to dual credit courses taught by college professors. Assessment and evaluation within the college program is determined by the instructor and the policies and procedures of the college. To be clear, marks in dual credit college course can go up or down based on the students’ engagement and performance throughout the term.


 We know that your dual credit teachers will be as flexible as possible to support students that are disadvantaged by the break from regular classes and the move to online learning. Good communication between students and college staff is very important. I urge you to connect with your instructor to ensure you are aware of the evaluation process, where you stand and that you can take advantage of every opportunity to do your best in your courses.


Sincerely yours,


Don Macpherson


Superintendent of Student Achievement

Area colleges are pleased to offer Grade 12 students the opportunity to enroll in college-level courses during the Fall and Winter semesters under the School to College to Work Initiative (SCWI) project. This unique arrangement allows post-secondary bound students the chance to experience life and learning at the college level.

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