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March 24/20

SWAC/Dual Credit Programs: Fanshawe College and Lambton College

 As you are aware the Dual Credit program is on hold until April 6 but with the latest news from the provincial government a return date for the program may be later. Over the next couple days, the Thames Valley District School Board will be in conversation with both participating colleges (Fanshawe and Lambton) as well as representatives from the Ministry of Education regarding further direction and contingency planning for the rest of the school year. We hope to update all students and parents/guardians early next week about next steps and plans.

 We also understand that Fanshawe and Lambton have sent and continue to send updates to their full-time students with procedures for their programs. Unfortunately, this message is being sent to our Dual Credit students. This message is NOT INTENDED for TVDSB Dual Credit students. Updates and instructions regarding Dual Credit courses and programming for TVDSB students will be sent from TVDSB staff via email and through the TVDSB website, SchoolMessenger and TVDSB social media accounts.



 Tom Smith

Thames Valley District School Board

Learning Coordinator

SWAC,SWAU,Dual Credits, Adult Dual Credits




David Carnevale

TVDSB Dual Credit Teacher

Conestoga, Fanshawe and Lambton Colleges

Office: (519) 452-2000 ext. 20435

Mobile: (519) 639-6212



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