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It May Be Faster Than You Think!

This program is available ONLY to students using the following Adult Learning/Employment Centres:

  • Ingersoll
  • Tillsonburg
  • Woodstock
  • Strathroy
  • St. Thomas

What is Diploma Direct?

  • A new program intended to engage and support rural adult learners in our Board.
  • A project intended to increase the number of adults graduating with an Ontario Seconday School Diploma (OSSD).

Why should I earn a High School Diploma?

  • A high school diploma or OSSD opens up more doors for employment, promotions at work and entrance into post-secondary programs.
  • More and more employers are asking to see evidence of an Ontario high school diploma.

 It May Be Faster Than You Think!

Guidance Counsellors will be available at Blossom Park Adult Education Centre in Woodstock on the following dates:

Wednesday's - Jan. 29, Feb. 12, 19 and 26, 2020

Please Call: 519 537 0109 to book an appointment!!

Guidance Counsellors will be available at Tillsonburg Adult Education Centre in Tillsonburg (Room 113) on the following dates:

Thursday's - February 6 and 27, 2020

Please Call:  519 537 0109 to book an appointment!!

Ingersoll Registrations - February 18, 2020  Call Rachel at Community Employment Services.  (519) 539-8161

PLAR - Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

Diploma Direct provides access to a guidance counsellor who can help you plan the fastest way to graduation. Counsellors can help you fast track through missing grade 9 and 10 compulsory credits, as well as awarding high school credits based on your life and work experience.


A Few Examples

Andy left high school with only 8 credits. He has been offered a promotion at work but requires a high school diploma. Andy is still working and so has completed self study courses in MEL3E, ENG3C, ENG4C (required for college), GWL3O and OLC4O. In addition to these self study courses, he made use of the PLAR material for grade 9 and 10 science and history that he was missing. This allowed us to fill in missing compulsory courses in French, Civics and Careers. Using his varied work experience in construction and manufacturing and his life experience as a parent and homeowner, he was awarded the maximum number of 10 senior credits. He will be a graduate this June.


Sally had been preparing on and off the past 2 years to write a GED. After her PLAR assessment was completed she discovered the path to an OSSD would be much shorter than she thought. She has already completed one PLAR test in math and is zipping through the MEL3E course. She has only a missing grade 9 History to make up for with a test and 3 more senior credits to earn. Because of her age, no volunteer hours were required. She will be a graduated in less than six months.


Javier is a new Canadian who had a university education from his home country. After completing level 7 in all ESL areas, he registered for grade 10 English. With his transcript from his home country and his life experience, Javier was awarded a total of 25 credits and now needs to earn his last 4 senior credits which will include a grade 11 English and OLC4O literacy course. He will graduate with an OSSD before the end of the next school year.


You see? It may be faster than you think!

What is required for an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)?

All students must earn their last 4 senior (Grade 11 or 12) credits.

  • Grade 12 English will always be a requirement for graduation.


If you started in an Ontario High School on or after September 1, 1999:

  • You need 30 credits to graduate
  • 40 hours of community service (this can be adjusted based upon age)
  • Passing literacy test score (as an adult this can be achieved by taking the OLC4O course)


If you started in an Ontario High School between September 1, 1984 and September 1, 1998 you will need:

  • 30 credits to graduate


If you started in an Ontario High School before 1984, you will need:

  • 27 credits to graduate


Registration Dates
  • Email diplomadirect@tvdsb.ca for an appointment - please indicate your full name, phone number and your prefered location (Woodstock Ingersoll, Tillsonburg, St. Thomas or Strathroy).
  • You will be contacted to set up an appointment and get started on earning your high school diploma!
What do you need to bring with you to register?
  • $20.00 exact cash or Ontario Works cheque (students must prearrange to have this on registration day)
  • High school transcript or credit counselling summary
  • ID that shows citizenship: passport, birth certificate, Permanent Resident card
  • Resume (if you have one)
What courses are available in Self Study?

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