Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education is a program in which students earn credits through related subjects and the cooperative education course (classroom and placement component).

Cooperative Education involves a partnership between the student, employer, school and the parent/guardian.

Cooperative Education is a part of the curriculum which uses the community as a classroom. Cooperative Education assists students who are bound for college, the workplace, university and apprenticeship. Placement experiences assist students in developing knowledge, skills and attitudes that are essential in today's society.

Students in Cooperative Education Programs are considered to be full time students and are not employees of the placement. Accident and liability insurance is available for students in the program.

Cooperative Education teachers conduct on-site learning assessments. Students are assessed and evaluated by both the Cooperative Education Teacher and Placement Supervisor.

Who takes Cooperative Education?

  • Students who wish to increase their knowledge of the world of work.
  • Students who wish to explore career options.
  • Students who wish to gain valuable work experience.
  • Students registered for an SHSM working to obtain the red seal.

Why Cooperative Education?

  • Explore career alternatives
  • Facilitate the transition from school to work, college, university or apprenticeship
  • Develop maturity, self confidence and employment related skills

Cooperative Education Student Responsibilities

  • Comply with school attendance policy for placement and classroom components
  • Completion of assignments, reports, tests, logs and journals
  • Inform the Placement Supervisor and the Cooperative Education Teacher in advance if unable to report to placement

Benefits for Employers

  • Train, access and recruit future employees.
  • Enhance the company image in the community.
  • Develop supervisory skills in employees.
  • An opportunity to demonstrate community involvement.
  • Heighten student awareness of career opportunities.

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