Bottled Water Guidelines

Bottled Water Guidelines

Recognizing that bottled water usage encompasses issues related to waste management and energy consumption such as disposal of plastics, and energy for production and transportation, then:

1. TVDSB seeks to model and promote stewardship practices with regard to the use of water by ensuring that the Education Centre and all satellite offices will promote the consumption of water from local sources (municipal or wells), at all meetings, workshops and special events, and eliminate the provision of water from commercially bottled, single-use plastic containers insofar as such municipal or well water sources are available and determined to be safe.

2. In consultation with parent groups, staff and students, all Thames Valley District School Board schools are encouraged to reduce the use of bottled water by considering feasible alternative solutions.

3. To support schools in moving towards this goal, staff and students are encouraged to consider ways to reduce the use of bottled water. Consultation with parent groups is suggested to determine the best way to reduce the use of bottled water in schools and facilities.

Some ideas to consider:
• offer pitchers of water at meetings and events;
• encourage students to bring their own re-useable water containers;
• discuss the bottled water issue;
• encourage environmental clubs to promote the elimination of bottled water.

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