Aviation School

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The Aviation School is a unique program open to ALL students throughout Thames Valley!  The program runs out of Montcalm Secondary School (where students meet to start their day).  Students are bused regularly to a nearby airline hanger to work with aviation community partners through experiential learning.

Aviation School is a collaborative and experiential program designed to prepare students for aviation apprenticeships, college-level training or university-level programs and meets the curriculum objectives of five Grade 10 credits (Transportation, Technological Design, Civics/Careers, Science, and Geography).

In addition, it fosters technical skills and develops the skills of critical thinking, innovation, creativity, self-directed learning, collaboration and citizenship. The intent of this aviation school is to start with Grade 10 students, progressing to Grade 11, then Grade 12.

Students will have the opportunity to develop aviation-based knowledge and skills through a variety of programs. These programs include aircraft restoration, maintenance, repair, flight simulation, and an additional section introducing students to the new world of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). All training is consistent with Transport Canada’s current standards. 

Upon successful completion students will also have the opportunity to pursue post-secondary training at the college or university level.  

WHO?  All TVDSB students can apply

WHERE? Montcalm Secondary School & Airport Hanger

WHEN? Applications are Closed for second semester 2023.  

WHAT? 5 credits, hands-on learning with aviation experts

WHY? Build your resume in this unique program by developing skills in aviation with the experts.

NOTE: Aviation School is available to students from TVDSB. 

Out of area transportation to and from Montcalm is not provided for this program.

To learn more about the Aviation School please visit our website and follow us on social media @TVDSBaviation.
For more information contact: 

John McNorgan at j.mcnorgan@tvdsb.ca 
or phone 519-452-2370, Ext. 61347  

Laura Briscoe, Innovation Coordinator, l.briscoe@tvdsb.ca 

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