Welcome to Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a two-year, full-day program that focuses on creating a strong foundation of learning for children. Children are challenged through a developmentally appropriate play and inquiry-based program, which focuses on developing the whole child including areas such as Physical, Social, Emotional, and Cognitive. 

Relationships are an important foundation, as educators work in partnership with families to support the child in everyday learning experiences. These opportunities build a variety of skills and behaviours that will assist children as they move forward as lifelong learners. (OntariMinistry of Education, The Kindergarten Program, 2016) 

In this video message, Dr. Jean Clinton, Child Psychologist, extends a warm welcome to new Kindergarten children and their families as they learn through play in our TVDSB classrooms.  We are ready to learn with you at TVDSB!

The Getting Ready for Kindergarten: Setting your child up for Success at School’  booklet was created to support families in their child’s transition to school. It includes valuable information on what families can do at home to support their child, as well as backpack tips, dressing tips, and tips on eating at school.  

This resource has been included for families as a video with voice-over in eight different languages. To access the videos, please click on the links below:

Thames Valley’s Speech and Language Team has created the ‘Rock the Talk: Why Talking with Your Child Matters  booklet, designed to help families support their children’s communication development. This resource outlines major areas of language and communication development and provides practical strategies for families to support their child in developing these skills and behaviours. This resource has been included for families as a PDF, as well as in video form, which includes a voice-over in English.

Rock the Talk (PDF)

Rock the Talk (Video)


Resources provided by Southwest Public Health Unit

Southwest Public Health is excited to provide families with a short video series featuring community experts and summer activities to try with your soon-to-be kindergarten.

Family Health and Well-Being
A Family Therapist discusses kindergarten transition tips (video)

Nutrition and School Lunches
A Registered Dietitian packs a school lunch (video)

Speech, Language, and Literacy
A Librarian demos language and literacy routines for families (video)

Social and Emotional Health
An Occupational Therapist discusses ways to foster a child’s social and emotional skill development through play (video)

Movement Skills: Fine and Gross Motor
A Registered Early Childhood Educator discusses movement skills and the developmental benefits of risky play (video)

Physical Health and Vision
An Optometrist explains preschool eye health, eye exams, and protecting developing eyes (video)

Closing Remarks
Southwest Public Health Medical Officer of Health discusses preschool physical health topics including sleep, immunization, and injury prevention (video)

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