The U-Turn program

  • supports students from TVDSB schools who have been suspended for 6 to 20 days or who have been expelled.
  • will provide students with the opportunity to continue learning and stay on track with their academic courses.
  • will provide personal and social educational programming to help students explore the underlying reasons for their suspension/expulsion.
  • will be accessible only through a referral from the suspending/expelling home school.
  • will utilize the Student Action Plan (SAP) created by the suspending/expelling home school.
  • is a voluntary program in which students must choose to participate.
 What We Do

The U-Turn program consists of a site-based delivered program and an itinerant teacher delivered program.

  • Students suspended for 6 to 10 days will meet with an itinerant teacher in designated locations near the student's home school area.  The student's schedule will be developed by the home school, the itinerant teacher and the student.
  • Students who are suspended for 11 to 20 days will may work either with an itinerant teacher or participate in the site-based program for the duration of their suspension.
  • Students who have been expelled will attend the site-based program on until they have achieved the objectives of the program and are deemed ready to return to a TVDSB school
 How We Work with Students 
Restorative practices are an integral part of the U-Turn program.  By focusing on the behaviour and not the student, the program aims to break through some of the barriers students have in exploring the behaviours that led to suspension or expulsion.
  • Students who engage in behaviours that lead to suspension or expulsion are increasingly disconnected from the school and their community.  Students in the site-based U-Turn program will participate in activities to help them build relationships with their peers and staff and to build a sense of community within the group. 
  • All U-Turn students who are returning to schools will participate in a re-entry process that will prepare them and their school communities for the students' return. This will assist students with the transition and lead to a successful return to school.

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