Safe Schools, Well-Being and Equity Awards

Welcome to the 2021 Safe Schools, Well-Being and Equity Awards!

Congratulations to this year's award recipients


Alyssa Bale
Aberdeen Public School, Grade 8 
Alyssa is new to Aberdeen this year, but she has been a positive addition to our graduating class. She is very welcoming, accepting, and understanding of students with special needs. She encourages all of her peers to do the best that they can. She is welcoming to all students when it comes to academic activities in group work.

Rachel Jongert
A.J. Baker Public School, Grade 7
Rachel is a cheerful, kind, and enthusiastic student. Rachel is dedicated, she is respectful to all and displays perseverance. Rachel positively and creativity impacts the school community to ensure safety and fun for all. Rachel is perceptive about how others are feeling and will go out of her way to be kind and include everyone. In her interactions and communications with students and adults, she shows that she cares about them. She builds relationships with all students and adults in the building. She supports others with positive comments and always looks on the bright side of things. She isn’t afraid to step up when needed to help others and is always an enthusiastic participant in all activities! Rachel is a reflective and positive role model for her peers. Rachel is consistently accountable and trustworthy. She is courteous and willingly helps anyone around her who may struggle or need a strong but humble student mentor.

Keegan Begin
Aldborough Public School, Grade 7
Kegan is a true leader at Aldborough. He lives our school core values and goes above and beyond to help others feel appreciated and valued.

CJ Jennings
Annandale Public School, Grade 8
CJ has actively contributed to building a safe and inclusive classroom and school environment for everyone. CJ strives to make all members and visitors of the Annandale community feel welcomed, heard, understood and appreciated. CJ is a leader in all class discussions about equity and respectfully listens and responds to other’s ideas and opinions. CJ is quick to speak up when it is perceived that someone, or a group of people are being treated and/or represented unfairly. CJ is a great advocate for others. The staff at Annandale are very proud of CJ!
Arthur Ford Public School, Grade 7 Isabella Espanol Isabella is a very social justice-minded person. She is a very active and engaged ally for all marginalized groups. She regularly brings up injustices during class discussions and is very aware of what happens in her community, country, and the world. She recently completed a Heritage Fair project which focused on marginalized groups contracting COVID 19 at alarming rates. She is an active member of the school's GSA and ECO team. This young person is going to be a change-maker and has started by educating those around her of the injustices of the world.

Bryant Thorpe 
B. Davison Secondary School, Grade 12
Bryant Thorpe is a driven young man who has grown as a leader in his time at B. Davison Secondary School. After leading the breakfast program in past years, this year Bryant decided that Davison needed a new student council to build community and engagement. Working with administration and staff, Bryant recruited a team and got to work planning theme days and charitable campaigns. Through his leadership, Bryant has had an impact at B. Davison.

Parker Mollink
Blenheim District Public School, Grade 8
Parker is an integral part of our school community. He greets all classes daily as he completes his library job of collecting books. Every student and adult in the building looks forward to seeing him. His conversation, interest in others, and kindness supports all members of our school, from Kindergarten to Grade 8. His impact is substantial and extremely positive! Parker spreads a little bit of sunshine with each interaction.

Nathalia Miranda
Byron Northview Public School, Grade 8
Nathalia has consistently championed and celebrated people's differences. In doing so, she has engaged her peers in critical conversations that have allowed for a diverse perspective to flourish among students.

Charlee Noordermeer-Beaedshaw 
Caradoc Public School, Grade 8
Charlee Noordermeer-Beaedshaw has been nominated by the Caradoc Public School staff for the Equity, Safe School and Well-Being Award because of her compassion to others and her community. An example of this compassion was demonstrated when she arrived at school in December with a grocery cart filled with food from Foodland. This action was in support of our Winter Food Drive. Charlee was keen to help the struggling families in the Mount Brydges area. She was determined to gather as much food as she could because she wanted to feed as many families as possible. Incredible job, Charlee!

Gwen Auld
Caradoc North Public School, Grade 8
Gwen is a kind, compassionate, and friendly student. She is aware of others' emotions/mental health and needs. Gwen is willing to be a support and friend to students in need. Gwen participated as a Safe and Inclusive Team member in grade 6. She promotes inclusion and advocates for others in a responsible manner. Gwen is truly a remarkable student leader!

Jordyn Pigeon J
Clara Brenton Public School, Grade 7
Jordyn has provided a mature, thoughtful and committed student voice on our SISP team. She is also a trusted advocate for her peers and always an upstander.

Darah Farrow 
Davenport Public School, Grade 8
Darah Farrow is such a good human being. She is welcoming and kind to all of her peers. She is the first one to notice if someone needs help and she will reach out and offer them a helping hand. She listens to and values the ideas of others. Darah is a positive force, both in and out of the classroom! She loves to laugh and be silly and involve all those around her. She is such a good natured soul. Darah is very deserving of this award.

Sifen Abrams
Eagle Heights Public School, Grade 7
Sifen is conscientious and treats all students with dignity and empathy. He consistently looks for leadership opportunities and takes initiative to help those in need. For example, he helps younger students on and off the bus at their bus stops.

Taylor Allcock
East Oxford Central Public School, Grade 8
Taylor is a strong leader who is a key member of East Oxford's Student Council. Taylor has actively participated in spreading positive, supportive messaging and information that build an inclusive community at our school. She also leads by example and consistently advocates and responds to the needs of her peers. Taylor regularly demonstrates her knowledge of how to build community.

Aiyana Walls 
Ekcoe Central Public School, Grade 8
Aiyana is a student who is passionate about building others' understanding of Indigenous education, cultures, histories and perspectives. She has shared her knowledge and skills to support herself and others to become contributing, prosperous citizens. She brought in cultural items, such as Indigenous regalia, to build an understanding of cultural identity and sense of belonging within the larger community.

Ashley Pathy-Hernandez 
Elgin Court Public School, Grade 6
Ashley looks for ways to contribute to diversity and inclusion in our school, such as by researching and writing announcements for Black History Month. Ashley also speaks up when she sees injustice, and is willing to risk peer disapproval in order to be an upstander.

Ayden Kneale 
Evelyn Harrison Public School, Grade 8
Phillips Ayden is a caring, intuitive, and thoughtful individual. He consistently engages his peers and educators by offering compliments and praising others (e.g., “You did a great job on that!”, “I like your haircut.”, “You look really nice today.”). He is willing to work with, assist, or help out anyone in his classroom community. He is extremely respectful to staff and fellow students. Ayden has strong values and respect for others which makes a positive and lasting impact on the world around him.

Alisha Ducuru 
Glen Cairn Public School, Grade 8
Alisha is a kind and caring student, who is empathetic and cooperative towards all staff and peers. She always demonstrates a very positive attitude. She always has a smile on her face and promotes a positive learning environment at Glen Cairn Public School.

Madelyne Cluett
Glendale High School, Grade 12
Maddy works diligently as a member of student council and ensures all voices are heard. She is an advocate for student mental health initiatives. She is a thoughtful person who has connected with and supported many of her peers. Maddy cares about improving our school climate and student well-being. As the student representative on parent council, she represents her peers in a positive way through her kindness, hard work, and conviction to well-being.

Levi Huston 
H. B. Beal Secondary School, Grade 12
Levi works tirelessly in a selfless manner to make the experience at Beal better for all of its students. The following quote from one of his teachers sums it up: "He has done so much for all groups in our school/in the community, and I witnessed him firsthand in media studies this year going out of his way to help so many kids in the class and great school community (not to mention the other years he's been a total Beal rockstar".

Lauren Ellis
Hickson Public School, Grade 8
Lauren Ellis is very deserving of the 2021 Leadership Award! Lauren has consistently demonstrated a commitment to equality, her own well-being, and that of her peers by acting as an advocate for everyone's needs and rights. She engages and invites her peers into meaningful conversations about equality and is committed to making everyone feel like they are being listened to and respected. In short, she sets a stellar example of leadership and citizenship for her peers on a daily basis.

Natalie Ropp
Huron Park Secondary School, Grade 9
Transitioning to high school and a year of turbulence in response to COVID unrest, Natalie has found her footing and purpose. She has reached out, used her resources, and established an HPSS Believe Leadership Course with Sara Wells. Over the past 3 months she has led, broadcast, supported, and shared with her peers their passion projects. Making a difference within our community. Very proud!!!!

Rachel Losee 
Innerkip Central School, Grade 7
Rachel is a valuable member of our Safe and Inclusive School Plan Committee. She is very outgoing, kind and welcoming. Rachel is also very helpful, demonstrates responsibility and shows concern for others.

Milles Clift
Kensal Park French Immersion Public School, Grade 8
Milles Clift continues to find different ways to be involved and to promote equity, inclusion, mental health and well-being. As co-valedictorian this year, Milles possesses the leadership qualities that result in positive changes around the school, such as raising awareness of transgender youth and inspiring staff and students to learn more important issues such as race and cultural awareness. Milles advocates for changes around the school like the impact of vocabulary used and preferred names/pronouns.

Dominic McCaulley
Knollwood Park Public School, Grade 8
Dominic has been a student in our Self-Contained ASD Classroom at Knollwood for the past two years. To begin, Dominic self-advocated to be in our program (leaving his homeschool, Roosevelt), because he felt he needed to work on his communication and social skills. Over the past two years, Dominic has made huge gains both socially and academically. He continues to be a leader when it comes to advocating for himself and others. While he does struggle, at times, navigating his way through social situations/conflict, he is a true role model and inspiration to the students in the ASD Classroom and he is integrated for a large part of his day in the regular Gr.8 classroom. Dominic seeks out and has participated in numerous leadership opportunities within our school, including being an integral member of our school's SISP team!

Zander Waller 
Knollwood Park Public School, Grade 7
Zander Waller was nominated for his ongoing leadership at Knollwood Park . He has contributed a great deal in creating a safe and equitable culture at Knollwood Park through his participation in the SISP team this year. He is constantly attending meetings, bringing forth concerns, and brainstorming ways to improve student well-being at the school. Zander presents a strong voice for his rights and the rights of his peers to ensure everyone feels like they belong at Knollwood. Zander advocates for LGBTQ2+ youth, both within the school and his community, emphasizing the importance of standing up for who you are and supporting others in doing the same. Zander is continually commended for standing up for others and voicing concerns when necessary.

Georgia Wellar
Laurie Hawkins Public School, Grade 1
Georgia is a bright ray of sunshine that brings positivity and a smile each and every day. She makes sure that when she passes people in the hallway she welcomes them and ends her day coming into the office to tell the office staff goodbye and have a great night. Her energy and outlook during this school year, despite the pandemic, is contagious and beyond appreciated. And she is still in the beginning of her educational career.

Lee Claridge
Locke's Public School, Grade 7
Lee consistently speaks up against homophobic and transphobic language and behaviour that they have witnessed from their peers. Lee is an active member of the Inclusion Club here at Locke's and has demonstrated strong advocacy and leadership skills . Their teachers, Mr. Luke Davies and Mrs. Carly Warwick, also shared that they have learned much from Lee. Lee is inspiring, not only with their peers but they also inspire the adults around them. Lee is a change maker!

Finn Diaczun
Locke's Public School, Grade 7
Finn consistently speaks up against homophobic and transphobic language and behaviour that they have witnessed from their peers. Finn is an active member of the Inclusion Club here at Locke's and has demonstrated strong advocacy and leadership skills. Their teachers, Mr. Luke Davies and Mrs. Carly Warwick, also shared that they have learned much from Finn. They are not afraid to respectfully speak up and speak out when they see or hear inappropriate language, conversations and actions occurring on the yard and within the school. Their teachers Mr. Luke Davies and Mrs. Carly Warwick also shared that they have learned much from Finn and they think Finn is very knowledgeable in regards to LGBTQ+2 issues. They hold others accountable for their words and actions. Finn is inspiring, not only with their peers but they also inspire the adults around them. Finn is a change maker!

Laine Barnfield
London Central Secondary School, Grade 11
A passionate student-leader of the London Central Secondary School Social Justice Club, Laine has been instrumental in the planning, organizing, and implementation of several thoughtful initiatives, and is a role model for her peers. She was one of the main drivers of the Healthcare Heroes magnet campaign this past summer, regularly contributing her creativity and ideas to the team, and recently coordinated the club's inspirational video entry for the Equity & Social Justice Virtual Conference.

Alli White
Lord Elgin Public School, Grade 8
Alli is a champion of positive school culture. She has a strong sense of inclusion, of diversity in race, religion, gender, sexuality, ability and socioeconomic status. Alli advocates for her own rights, and the rights of others, in a graceful manner. Alli is a leader and a role model, who sets positive examples for others to follow. She has a strong sense of community and wants everyone to feel accepted and welcome.

Navya Vaillancourt 
Lord Roberts French Immersion Public School, Grade 7
Navya is active in promoting equity and inclusion in our school. Navya successfully initiated a petition that resulted in our student washrooms being repainted to replace gender stereotypical colours. Navya advocates for fellow students in the school.

Ambreena De Menech 
Louise Arbour French Immersion Public School, Grade 8
Ambreena is a strong advocate for all her peers and she has taken it upon herself to help educate those around her as an ally to the 2SLGBTQ+ community. She worked tirelessly on creating the new Safe and Inclusive School Plan for our school and has been such a leader in and out of the classroom.

Spencer Eastman 
Mary Wright Public School, Grade 5
Spencer is kind and supportive of all his peers. He encourages others to cooperate during games and helps his peers in class to feel included and supported.

Aderazag Fadl 
Masonville Public School, Grade 6
The Masonville Public School staff selected Adel because he has been an active champion of students who are isolated. He is a solid school citizen in his class. He also contributed to the development of our Safe and Inclusive School Plan and wants to play an active part in one of the goals next year.

Katie Humphrey
Mosa Central Public School, Grade 8
Katie Humphrey always takes the time to show kindness to others and makes a difference at Mosa Central Public School. She clearly leads by example by freely offering her assistance to others with compassion. Her quiet and positive nature has a ripple effect amongst her peers. Katie looks for the good in others and is always willing to lend a helping hand. She restores the belief that there is goodness in the world.

Dominic Stephen
Nicholas Wilson Public School, Senior Kindergarten
Dominic has had an exceptional two years in the Kindergarten program. He is kind and understanding to students around him and plays with many different peers. He can always be relied upon by educators to do the right thing and set a positive example for his classmates. Dominic contributes to a welcoming learning environment with his calm, caring nature, sense of empathy, and respect for all his peers in the classroom. He greets everyone with kindness and is willing to go above and beyond to help other students in need, whether they are hurt, seeking extra guidance in the classroom, or simply needing a friend to play with. Dominic comes to school each morning with a smile on his face and an active interest in learning. Dominic is compassionate and quick to recognize and help when a classmate is feeling left out or sad. He encourages his peers in their learning by offering help when they need it and giving genuine supportive words of praise for a job well done. He is consistently heard using kind words to everyone around him and will approach students to congratulate them on their hard work at various centres. We are so proud of Dominic and his leadership in our classroom.

Reewaj Tamang 
Northbrae Public School, Grade 4
Reewaj is a positive, polite, and friendly student at Northbrae. He always contributes to the positive climate at the school by supporting students and staff with a smile, a greeting, a kind word, or a joke to lift their spirits. He respects and cherishes the diversity of students at our school, making everyone feel welcomed and valued every day. He is the first student to include others when they are upset or alone. Reewaj is a big part of making Northbrae the wonderful school community it is.

Cadence Waters 
Northdale Public School (Woodstock), Grade 8
Cadence has contributed to a positive school culture through active participation in Me to We and as a Safe Schools representative. Cadence empathized with the lived stories of others. She strived to demonstrate compassion and understanding. She advocated for inclusion and voiced her opinion regarding issues of safety and belonging. She promoted positivity with campaigns, posters and initiatives. Cadence is a remarkable young lady who has exemplified Thames Valley’s model of Equity, Safe Schools and Well-Being throughout her time at Northdale PS!

Maryn Kelly 
Northridge Public School, Grade 8
Maryn Kelly is a student who exudes positivity and inclusion. She seems to have an eye for knowing who needs to be involved, and never hesitates to include them. Maryn has been the embodiment of kindness at Northridge. She is a quiet leader for her peers, never fails to do the right thing, and makes sure those around her feel safe, welcome, and included.

Tasnia Rahman 
Oakridge Secondary School, Grade 12
Tasnia is an excellent advocate in the school and has additional leadership commitments to equity across Thames Valley. She is a TVDSB's Student Trustee and a founding member and co-president of Oakridge's JACK Chapter.

Kaevan Cormier
Parkhill-West Williams Public School, Grade 6
Kaevan promotes inclusivity with all other students and consistently treats everybody in our building with respect and kindness. He has a gift for making others laugh and is rarely seen without a smile on his face. Kaevan truly puts his best foot forward in all situations. He makes our classroom and school a happier place to be for both students and staff and makes a difference in the lives of others, every single day.

Julia Telfer 
Parkside Collegiate Institute, Grade 11
Julia, a member of the student council, has demonstrated her positive leadership through this unusual year. While we were in school, her enthusiastic voice on the morning announcements started the day positively for students. Julia and other student council members organized virtual spirit days and Covid-friendly community service events such as a resource drive to gather pet supplies for the local animal shelter. She is a great ambassador as she visits the monthly school council meetings to share all of the good things happening. When we moved to remote learning, she even created and sang an original Happy Birthday video to celebrate students’ birthdays in an effort to keep building community!

Raelyn Cook 
Plattsville and District Public School, Grade 8
Rae is an overall wonderful student. She has always been accepting of all and includes the ones around her. She listens and shows empathy for each student's well-being and truly cares for everyone's happiness. Rae goes above and beyond in making sure she is doing all she can for the happiness of others and deserves to be recognized for her overall attitude towards acceptance.

Miesha Hasan 
Princess Elizabeth Public School, Grade 6
Miesha works incredibly hard but is never too busy to help her classmates. When she is going to be away, she makes sure that her part of the project is completed. She is always inclusive and accepting of others, and goes out of her way to help students who struggle. During the first Learn at Home period this year, the Principal, Mr. Milligan, went to Miesha's house to deliver a Panther Paw because he was so moved by the degree to which Miesha was helping her Mom at home. She is a sought-after member for small group work and gets along well with everyone in the class and she hands things in on time. She is always respectful, kind on task, hardworking and overall a great student. Miesha is a strong student, a quiet natural leader who leads by example, and an all around class-act.

Mia Johnston 
Saunders Secondary School, Grade 12
As Mia graduates this June, she leaves knowing she has made a lasting impact on the Saunders community. Mia is a brilliant leader, who always acts with kindness and compassion. As the Student Council Social Media Lead, Mia makes access to mental health and wellness, and social justice topics easily accessible to students. She uses multiple platforms to bring a diverse school community together. Mia challenges herself and inspires others everyday. Thank you, Mia.

Leah Dewan
Full-Remote Learning Secondary School, Grade 11
A founding student-leader of the London Central Secondary School Social Justice Club, Leah’s advanced organizational skills and desire to make a difference in her community shines through in her every pursuit. Driven by kindness and compassion, Leah did not miss a beat as a full-remote learner, routinely preparing virtual meeting agendas and playing a crucial role in the success of all club initiatives, including the LUSO Anti-Racism video contest and the Winter Clothing Drive for YOU.

Hailey Deonarine
Sir Arthur Currie Public School, Grade 8
In a year where extra curricular opportunities were compromised, Hailey did her best to get involved as much as possible. She was an integral part of the Take Action Team and the Safe and Inclusive School team, as a student representative. As a member of those two teams, she helped develop the student survey which led to the action plans on the SISP. Hailey has also been a strong ally for a number of our students who are struggling with their mental well-being.

Abbey Sawyer 
Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School, Grade 12
Abbey took on the leadership role of the Wellness Committee. In this role, she planned and organized many events, such as: Digital Citizenship, Bullying Awareness and Prevention, White Ribbon Campaign, Virtual Mental Wellness Challenge, Black History Month Awareness, Anti-racism Poster Contest, and helped plan our Safe and Inclusive School Plan. Abbey is an exemplary leader in the area of safe schools and has been pivotal in keeping our committee alive and thriving during this challenging year!

Pepper Moyle-Jones
Sir G.E. Cartier Public School, Grade 6
Pepper gets along with everyone. She helps students when they are having personal challenges and she is always present to those needing a friend. Pepper goes above and beyond in terms of accepting others and she is a wonderful role model to her peers.

Aielah Rombough-Beckett 
Sir John A. MacDonald Public School, Grade 7
Aielah is a member of our Safe and Inclusive Schools Committee and has shown a real commitment to safe schools and well-being.

Giorgia Muller
Southwold Public School, Grade 8
In a school year of social distancing, cohorting and covid-19 protocols, Giorgia Muller took it upon herself to organize spirit days, create announcements and lead initiatives to positively impact the culture of the school during a pandemic. She led the student body in building community and school spirit across the grades and she positively affected the mental health of staff and students alike.

Jonathan Roman 
Springbank Public School, Full Remote, Grade 8
Johnathan contributed GREATLY to both his online and in-person positive classroom cultures. He goes out of his way to connect with his classmates and the teachers around him. He always goes out of his way to help others (posting links for the class to use). When the rest of the class is not participating online, he positively encourages his peers with kind and uplifting comments. His positive attitude and enthusiasm for learning is contagious.

Lily Kirkby
Thamesford Public School, Grade 7
Lily is a genuinely kind and hard-working student. This year, Lily and a few other students founded the "TPS Dreamer's club". They have been working all year to create and present assemblies to promote a positive school culture. Even during online learning, Lily has been dedicated to the work she started with our assemblies, and she has become a leader in the group.

Jackson Fraser
Tweedsmuir Public School, Grade 8
Jackson Fraser is a kind, quiet and thoughtful leader. He presented many well-developed thoughts and ideas to our safe schools team on how to make Tweedsmuir Public School a better place to be for all members of the school community. He understands and interprets the feelings of others and is not afraid to speak up on the behalf of other students who may not have the courage to do so for themselves.

Adriana Rivera Rojas 
W. Sherwood Fox Public School, Grade 7
Adriana thoughtfully contributes valuable information as a member of our “Safe and Inclusive Schools” team. She also shows positive leadership in the classroom, and is seen by others as a leader and a mentor. Adriana goes out of her way to make new students feel welcome and she is always willing to help peers when they are in need of support. For these reasons, she is a very deserving recipient of this award!

Jessica Bale
Westminster Secondary School, Grade 11
Jess is a very kind and caring Wildcat, who consistently goes out of her way to help her peers. She is a member of the Safe and Inclusive Schools’ Committee and the GSA. She is always willing to be a friend or helper to her fellow Wildcats.

Reesor Steele
West Nissouri Public School, Grade 8
Reesor Steele presented a class speech on the topic of “Body Positivity” and accepting others for who they are. She is also a member of the Youth of Thorndale and is helping to organize shirts for the graduating class. She positively contributes to classroom discussions on mental health and well-being and she provides support to peers during community circles. Reesor has positively impacted the school culture at West Nissouri and is a role model for our student population.

Atka Cabdul 
Wilfrid Jury Public School, Grade 8
Atka is an active and energetic member of our Anti Racism and diversity club. She has worked with a group of peers to advocate and educate teachers and students about a variety of topics during our weekly Diversity Moment on Video Announcements. ( e.g. Black History Month, Black Lives Matter Movement, Asian Heritage Month). In the classroom, hallway, school yard, and gym, Atka speaks up, advocates, and supports others. She is proud of her culture and family roots. Atka is always willing and excited to share information about her culture and her heritage. Early in the year Atka did a presentation on Zanzibar, Tanzania where her parents and family are from. She was very excited to share information about where her family is from with the class.

Praise Muangali 
Wilton Grove Public School, Grade 8
During the month of February, Praise created and shared multiple presentations with her class each week, addressing the challenges and highlighting the achievements of Black people. Her efforts to educate and create awareness support her vision of encouraging empathy and allyship. Her courage and commitment to supporting brave and safe spaces is inspiring. We are incredibly proud of Praise. She is certainly a change maker!

Mariam Busari
Woodstock Collegiate Institute, Grade 12
Mariam is a student who not only takes pride in her academics, but one who stands up for others, advocating for inclusion and respect for all. As a member of our school’s Culture Club, she has been instrumental in creating a variety of activities related to Black History Month and Asian Heritage Month. She has also been a valued member of our Wellness Committee and is currently an active member of TVDSB’s Black Student Association.

Mya Jackman 
Wortley Road Public School, Grade 8
Mya Jackman is a mature, thoughtful, kind and enthusiastic student. Although she is a relatively quiet leader within the school, she speaks up when necessary and looks out for all the students at Wortley Road PS. Mya ensures her peers are always included and she consistently takes into consideration the needs and feelings of others when making decisions. She is a strong role model for younger students, as well as her peers, through her positive and inclusive behaviour.

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