School Messenger Step by Step Guide


Parent Account Creation and Absence Reporting Information

Creating an account

  1. Once your email address has been entered into the database at your child’s school, navigate to the website
    You will see the following screen:
    Click SIGN UP
    screen shot of sign up link
  2. You will be prompted to enter information in order to set up your Parent Account. *Be sure to enter the same email address that has been provided to your child’s school.*screen shot of entering email address
  3. Within minutes, you will receive an email with a link to complete the Sign Up process. Once the Sign Up process is complete, you will be able to log into your account using the website ( OR by using the SchoolMessenger app.
    screen shot of email instructions.

Reporting an Absence Online

    1. Navigate to, click LOG IN.

screen shot of Log In link

  1. Click ATTENDANCE.screen shot of attendance link
  2. Click REPORT AN ABSENCE.screen shot of Report an Absence Link
  3. A) Choose Student
    B) Choose Type of Absence – Full Day, Late, Early Departure, Leave & Return or Multiple Day
    C) Drop down menu to provide date of absence will appear after the Type of Absence has been selected
    D) Choose Reason
    E) Click Send
    screen shot of entering an absence

Reporting an Absence using the SchoolMessenger App

  1. Open the SchoolMessenger App and log in. The app opens to the ‘Messages’ page.
    Click the top left corner to open the Menu.
    screen shot of mobile menu access
  2. Tap Attendance to access the attendance area of the app.
    screen shot of attendance link
  3. The Attendance area will show all student names attached to your account as well as a list of all absences that have been reported. You can choose List or Calendar view. To report an absence, tap REPORT AN ABSENCE in the bottom right corner.
    screen shot of entering an absence
  4. Select which of your students will be absent.
    screen shot of student names
  5. Choose which type of absence you would like to report. A list of reasons will appear based on the type of absence chosen.screen shot of entering absence types
  6. After selecting the type of absence and the appropriate reason, you will be prompted to enter the date and/or time of the absence. Then tap SEND.
    screen shot of date entry
  7. After submitting the absence, you will be taken back to the Attendance screen which will show your reported absence. You will also notice a red notification in the top left corner – this indicates that a message has been sent to you confirming the reported absence. The confirmation message is also sent to your email.
    screen shot of confirmation

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