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School Climate

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”

Margaret J. Wheatley​

The Thames Valley District School Board is committed to providing students with a positive school climate.

A positive school climate includes the following characteristics:

  • Students, school staff members, and parents feel SAFE, INCLUDED, and ACCEPTED​;
  • All community members demonstrate RESPECT, FAIRNESS, and KINDNESS​;
  • Students are encouraged and given support to be POSITIVE LEADERS and ROLE MODELS in their school community;
  • Principles of EQUITY and INCLUSIVE education are present;
  • The DIVERSITY of learners is reflected in both the learning environment and instructional materials; and
  • EVERY STUDENT is inspired and given SUPPORT to succeed in an environment of high expectations.

It is important to acknowledge that creating a positive school climate depends on multiple elements coming together. These essential areas include:

  • Student Voice
  • Learning Environment
  • Physical Environment
  • Parent Engagement
  • Social-Emotional Environment
  • School Community

"Building a safe, caring and inclusive school culture means teaching it minute by minute, day by day, integrating it into discipline practices and curriculum, using models that provide practice in social and relationship skills and, most importantly, modelling it."

Vicki Mather

For more information on school climate, please refer to the following resources:

Policy and Program Memorandum No. 144

The Safe and Inclusive School Plan

Under the direction and guidance of the Ministry of Education (Policy/Program Memorandum No. 144 (PPM144), our School Board is committed to supporting schools to create and maintain positive school climates.

The Thames Valley District School Board would like to introduce the new Safe and Inclusive School Plan, also referred to as the SISP. This plan replaces the former Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan, also known as BPIP, and the Safe and Accepting School Plan. This plan will be completed annually by every elementary and secondary school in the Thames Valley District School Board.

This important work is facilitated at the school-level by a school-based team. This team is composed of students, family members, teachers, support staff, community partners, and the principal and/or vice principal. The Safe and Inclusive School Team meets several times throughout the school year. During this time, school teams will identify one local priority, and create a plan to support the identified goal. As the plan is implemented throughout the year, the Safe and Inclusive School team will continuously support these goals and monitor the results.

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