Public Concerns

Do you have a concern? Let us help. 


Step 1 - Call Teacher/Staff Member

Call a teacher or staff member for school-based concerns. If the concern is not resolved, contact the principal.

Step 2 - Call Principal

If the concern is not resolved by the principal, contact the Superintendent.


Step 3 - Call Appropriate Superintendent

If the concern is not resolved by the Superintendent, contact the Director's Office. 
Superintendent contact information can be found in the top right corner of your student's school website.

Step 4 - Call Director’s Office

Contact the Director's Office for District and Community wide concerns.

(519) 452-2000, Ext. 20222

Your Trustee can help guide you through this process.
Find your Trustee and/or Superintendent by calling: 519-452-2000.


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