Pride Month

Each June, the Thames Valley District School Board is pleased to recognize Pride Month by asking all schools across the district to raise the Pride Flag.

The Pride Flag not only affirms 2SLGBTQIA+ identities, but also serves to promote the inclusive values that we uphold and celebrates the diversity of the communities in which we live. It is a demonstration of Thames Valley’s continued commitment to equity, inclusion and the elimination of discrimination in all its forms.

TVDSB is proud to join several other school boards in flying the Pride Flag at all schools for the month of June. 

Important Information for Staff: CULTURAL SAFETY

It is important to create a learning environment that is respectful and that makes students feel safe and comfortable not only physically, socially, and emotionally but also in terms of their cultural heritage. A culturally safe learning environment is one in which students feel comfortable about expressing their ideas, opinions, and needs and about responding authentically to topics that may be culturally sensitive.

Teachers should be aware that some students may experience emotional reactions when learning about issues that have affected their own lives, their family, and/or their community.

Before addressing such topics in the classroom, teachers need to consider how to prepare and debrief students, and they need to ensure that resources are available to support students both inside and outside the classroom.

Students can also experience strong emotional reactions when learning about the adversity and challenges faced by others.

There may be students who express the wish or need to opt out of the learning.

If students are demonstrating a negative reaction to content discussed during the presentation, staff are encouraged to:

  1. Discreetly touch base with the student and assess their emotional response
  2. Connect the child with the administrator, LST or school support counsellor (if needed)

Important Reminder For Staff Before Discussing Student Identity:


  • Done privately, after the fact
  • Invites a conversation and creates understanding
  • A chance to explain why the behaviour/language was inappropriate and what changes can be made
  • Can be difficult but, ultimately, enlightening
  • Helps someone shift their perspective
  • Depends on your social influence and relationship
  • Takes energy and patience

How it might sound:

“Hey, can we chat about what happened during the presentation? It’s about…”



  • Done publicly, in the moment
  • Stops problem behaviour immediately
  • Demonstrates that certain behaviour/language is never acceptable
  • Can be shaming, isolating and punishing
  • Might push someone into an insincere apology
  • Depends on your position / authority
  • Takes energy

How it might sound:

“There will be no Islamophobic remarks here!”

Staff Resources

Educators are are invited to review the following professional learning resources prior to discussing 2SLGBTQIA+ identities with students.

Elementary and Secondary Classroom Resources
Elementary and secondary classroom resources can be found in the 2022 Pride Month Resource Guide.
Parent Resources
Videos and Additional Resources

Members of Oakridge SS share important information related to 2SLGBTQ+ Identity

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