Dual Credit Day Away Summer Programs

The Dual Credit program is a Ministry-approved program that allows students, while they are still in secondary school, to take college or apprenticeship courses that count towards their OSSD and possibly towards a post-secondary certificate, diploma or apprenticeship certification. Participating in dual credit programs enables the students to have an experience that will help them make a successful transition to college or an apprenticeship program, increase their awareness of the various college and apprenticeship pathways available to them and gain greater insight into education and career planning decisions.


To Register: 

Please contact your school guidance counsellor.

Registration Opens: Information regarding Summer 2024 to be available soon

Equal Consideration Deadline: Information regarding Summer 2024 to be available soon

Stay tuned for more information!



For more information, contact:

Matthew Harris

Dual Credit Supervisor

Cell: (519) 852-5341

Email: matthew.harris@tvdsb.ca

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