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The School Within a College (SWAC) program is for students who are in their senior years of secondary school and may have encountered challenges to graduate. These students will require eight to ten credits to achieve their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Students in this program spend every day at Fanshawe College. The SWAC program offers students the opportunity to take up to four Dual Credit College courses and earn secondary school credits towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

All dual credit college courses are taught by a member of the college faculty and the secondary curriculum instruction is provided by a Thames Valley District School Board teacher.

If you are attending a high school, contact your school's guidance department for more information.

View the program information package for the program closest and/or most applicable to you:

Indigenous SWAC - Winter 2024 Term

London SWAC - Winter 2024 Term

St. Thomas SWAC - Winter 2024 Term

Woodstock SWAC - Winter 2024 Term

What Makes a Student Eligible?

Students must:

  • be between 17-20 years of age
  • priority will be given to applicants requiring 8-10 credits or less for graduation but students needing 10+ credits should apply
  • have the academic ability to navigate college-level courses
What is the Student Responsible for?

Students enrolled in this program are considered college students and will be treated as any other student in Ontario's college system. They are subject to the same rules of conduct and student responsibilities as all other college students.

Counselling is available to all students enrolled in the college system but it is the student's responsibility to request it.

Students taking part in this program are expected to attend an orientation session prior to attending classes at the College. Students are required to complete an evaluation of the program upon completion of their course(s).

How much will it Cost?
Currently, the costs of academic registration fees, student service fees, book requirements and transportation will be covered by the School to College to Work Initiative funding until such monies are depleted.
 How will students benefit?
  • Experience college life at little or no cost to the student or parent.
  • Observe and exploring a number of post-secondary courses and programs offered at Conestoga College.
  • Earn Ontario College credits while still in high school and having the option to use transfer ability agreements that are in place among Ontario's colleges.
  • Discover a new and innovative learning environment.
  • Earn an approved secondary school credit upon successful completion of approved College course(s).

For more information, contact:

David Carnevale

Learning Coordinator

Cell: (519) 639-6212


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