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September 7, 2017 - June 22, 2018

Core ESL Courses Benchmark Level 1 to 8

Preparation Course for Citizenship Test

Learn everything you need to know to be successful on the Canadian Citizenship Test--and much more about Canada. Topics include: history, geography, government, the judicial system, and your rights and responsibilities as a citizen.

Pre-registration is necessary. Course will not run without sufficient enrollment. To reserve a seat, call Diana at 519-452-2000 ext. 69715 or REGISTER ONLINE.

If you have been out of school for more than one year, you will require an English language assessment. Call the CLARS Centre at 519-432-1133. 

If you require information in an alternative accessible format, please call the school office.

Language for Everyday Living, Language for Living and Working in Canada, Language for Further Education

In many locations, classes are structured to address each learner's level of competency in Reading/Writing and Listening/Speaking and are based on the Canadian Language Benchmarks*. This course organization allows the learner to concentrate on his or her strengths and improve on the weaknesses. It is common for learners to have different competency levels in the various skills.

*Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) refer to a descriptive scale of communicative proficiency in ESL. The CLBs provide a framework of reference for learning, teaching, programming and assessing adult ESL in Canada. They are a national standard. For more information, see

Students wishing to enroll in credit level courses, offered through the Adult Secondary School program in our Adult Education Centres, must have completed Benchmark level 7 in all skill areas. It has been our experience that learners achieve the best success with a language proficiency of CLB 7 or higher.

Opportunities within the Credit Program include workplace training in Co-op and pre-apprenticeship courses, computer courses and academic courses in Math, Accounting, Science, English, Business and Contemporary studies. ESL learners with a previous academic background often wish to enrol in some of these courses to orient themselves to Canadian learning styles, continue to improve their English language acquisition and meet the entrance requirements for college and/or university.

 Literacy ESL
 Literacy classes are available for ESL learners not literate in their first language. The focus is on acquiring the tools to learn, in addition to the skills of Reading, Writing and Listening/Speaking. In these classes, the skills are integrated.
 Computer Literacy and Digital Skills Development
Technology is having a great impact on the workplace - as well as on all aspects of life. Research and reports are indicating that the workforce of the future needs digital skills. Digital skills are defined as: the ability to locate, organize, understand, evaluate, create and share using digital technology. During your language classes you will be assigned computer lab time to develop your computer literacy (keyboarding and word processing) and digital skills. These new skills will be useful as you continue to integrate into the community and search for work. As well, you will be able to improve your grammar, writing, reading, pronunciation and listening skills by using language learning software programs in the computer lab.
ESL for the Workplace: Basic Computers
An introductory course designed to assist immigrant learners acquire the skills for today's job market, Learners will have the opportunity to improve their knowledge and language ability to use a computer and related technology. This course will take an interactive and hands-on approach and is intended for those who have no or minimal previous experience on a computer.
ESL for the Workplace: Basics for Microsoft Office Suite
Designed for students who want to learn how to use Microsoft Office 2010. It involves developing skills in WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT. The course may also cover appropriate skills and language for Internet and Email. The course is for people who want to learn for their own interest, for e-learning or who want to continue on to a Credit Computer course - where you will be expected to know most of these skills already, or for those who want to increase their computer skills for the working world. Participants should be familiar with the computer and be at CLB Level 5 or higher.
Preparation for University/Professional Testing (CLB 6 or higher required)

This course is designed for students at the advanced level who need to prepare for university admission tests or for professional accreditation examinations (TOEFL, IELTS, MELAB). 

Let's Talk
The main goal of this ESL course is that students will learn to speak English with clarity and accuracy over a wide range of everyday topics.  In this course various course activities and assignments such as Directed Conversation, Topics, Vocabulary Development, Pronunciation, Conversation Groups, Idioms and Expressions, Impromptu Speeches, Expressing Opinions, Situational Speaking Topics will help you improve your communication skills in a relaxed and interactive environment.

Academic Writing

Designed for individuals who intend to take courses at the high school credit level, enroll in college or university classes, or return to the workforce in a professional capacity where advanced writing skills are required. You will review writing formats for academic contexts and develop vocabulary appropriate for college and university. Minimum required: an achieved Writing CLB 7 or higher.
The Intangibles of Speaking
Intended to provide students with the skills and techniques needed to engage in successful conversation.  Learn the appropriate non-verbal cues and signals that govern conversations.  Become a better communicative speaker. Exercises will include: Reactive tokens, Linking, Pausing, Turn openers, Back Channeling and more. 
Citizenship Preparation Certificate Course
Learners will concentrate on developing their Listening/Speaking skills in readiness for applying for Canadian Citizenship.  Topics include Canada's history, geography and government system. At the end of the course, participants will receive an ESL Certificate which is acceptable proof for the citizenship language requirement.
Language training classes funded by Citizenship & Immigration Canada. Only Permanent residents and convention refugees qualify to attend these classes. The curriculum focuses on Canadian social and cultural issues and provides practical information for newcomers. Transportation assistance and child-minding are available at SOME LINC locations.
Language for the Workplace (CLB 3+)
Learners will develop their English communication skills in an employment preparation class. Vocabulary, discussion topics, reading material, and writing tasks will focus on English used in the workplace.
Learners focus on improving their oral communication skills for the workplace, social situations and academic settings.
FESPA (Family Education and Support Project)
In partnership with the Mennonite Central Committee in Aylmer and the St. Thomas-Elgin YWCA, language training for women only is available supporting Mennonite families and their needs. Topics covered include the Canadian health system, nutrition, settlement services, parenting and healthy relationships. Childcare and transportation assistance is available.

English for Employment Training

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