Equity and Inclusive Education

We commit to improving student achievement by embracing diversity and affirming respect for all students, staff and community members.

Our goal is to identify and eliminate any barriers that may limit engagement by students, parents and the community in board and school activities.

English as a Second Language / English Literacy Development

We welcome students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. This diverse mix of students provides opportunities to build vibrant school environments that celebrate diversity and enrich the learning experiences of all students.

Visit the English Language Learners webpage for more information.

Indigenous Education

Local Indigenous communities and TVDSB partners work together to provide an educational experience for Indigenous students through which their various needs are met.

The ways in which we teach and support all students through curriculum across all subject areas will honour the rich histories, languages, and cultures of Indigenous people.

Visit the Indigenous Education webpage for more information.

Mental Health and Well-Being

We believe that supporting mental health and well-being is essential for development and learning and is an enabler for school success.

Visit the Mental Health and Well-Being webpage to access information and resources for parents and students.

Safe Schools

Schools are about learning in a safe, caring, learning environment. In order for effective learning to take place, students need to feel safe and welcome. Students, their families, school staff and the community have the right to expect that schools be safe and free of violence.

We are committed to ensuring positive learning environments at all our schools. Our focus on an inclusive culture based on respect is reflected in our policies and codes of conduct as well as in our curriculum.

See the Safe Schools webpage for more information.

Special Education

We offer various Special Education programs ranging from additional support offered to students in home school (often through "itinerant" programs where traveling specialists provide additional support to students at their home school) to special self-contained or "congregated" classes that provide a higher level of intensive support to the student.

Visit the Special Education webpage to learn more. 

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