EarlyON Child and Family Centres

Family Centres London and EarlyON Child and Family Centres offer a variety of programs and services within London, Ontario and the surrounding communities.  These centres can be utilized by any family who is seeking assistance, care, and services. Family Centres London are a collective of over 170 organizations committed to strengthening children, youth, and families. 

The Ontario Ministry of Education aims to establish a provincial approach for integrating and transforming child and family programs for parents, caregivers and young children (ages 0-6). The goal is to enhance the quality and consistency of EarlyON Child and Family programs across Ontario. The vision is to ensure Ontario’s children and families are well supported by a system of responsive, high-quality, accessible and increasingly integrated early years programs and services – a system that contributes to healthy child development today and a stronger future tomorrow.

Family Centres London

The goal of Family Centres London is to make it easier for children, youth and families to connect to services in thier neighbourhood, as part of a network of Family Centres being developed by London's Child and Youth Network

Family Centres London is your connection to:

  • Services for all ages 
  • Early Childhood Education / Child Care
  • Parenting and Early Learning
  • Public Health and Wellness
  • Recreation, Sports, and Leisure
  • Youth Services
  • Referrals, Resources, Information, and Awareness 
  • Community and Social Services 
  • Developmental Services 
  • Community Partnerships
  • Cultural Services 
  • Settlement Services 

EarlyON Child and Family Centre

EarlyON Child and Family Centres is an initiative of the Ontario provincial government to offer free information, programs, and services to all parents and caregivers with children from birth to six years of age.


EarlyON Child and Family Centres is your connection to:

  • Services for ages 0-6 and their caregivers 
  • Free drop-in program and services 
  • Pregnancy and new baby support
  • Parenting workshops (learn and play with your child, meet new people, and hear advice from professionals)
EarlyON Child and Family Centre Aldborough
EarlyON Child and Family Centre Aldborough

Opening January 2023

Located in Aldborough Public School (Rodney)

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EarlyON Child and Family Centre Forest Park

Located in Forest Park Public School (St. Thomas, ON)

A picture of the interior of EarlyON and Family Centre Knollwood
EarlyON Child and Family Centre Knollwood

Located in Knollwood Park Public School (East London)

EarlyON Child and Family Centre McGregor
EarlyON Child and Family Centre McGregor

Located in McGregor Public School (St. Thomas)

Family Centre Argyle
Family Centre Argyle

Located in Lord Nelson Public School (East London)

Family Centre Carling-Thames
Family Centre Carling-Thames

Located in Northbrae Public School (North London)

Family Centre Fanshawe
Family Centre Fanshawe

Located in Cedar Hollow Public School (North-East London)

Family Centre Fox Hollow
Family Centre Fox Hollow

Located in Sir Arthur Currie Public School (North-West London)

Interior of Family Centre White Oaks
Family Centre White Oaks

Located in White Oaks Public School (South London)

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EarlyON Child and Family Centre Straffordville

Located in Straffordville Public School (Straffordville)

Programs and Services

 EarlyON Child and Family Centre Programs and Services
Engaging Parents and Caregivers
  • Discussions and information sharing about child development, parenting, nutrition, play and inquiry-based learning, and other topics that support their role
  • Pre and postnatal support programs to enhance parent and caregiver well-being and to support them in their role(s)
  • Targeted outreach activities directed at parents and caregivers that could benefit from EarlyON programs and services but are not currently accessing services for a variety of reasons (e.g., newcomers to Ontario, teen parents, low-income families, etc.)
Supporting Early Learning and Development
  • Drop-in programs and other programs and services that build responsive adult-child relationships and encourage children’s exploration, play and inquiry, supported by How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Early Learning Framework
Making Connections for Families
  • Responding to a parent/caregiver concern about their child’s development. This may result in supporting parents/caregivers to seek additional support from primary care or other regulated health professionals.
  • Information sharing about specialized community services (such as children’s rehabilitation services), coordinated service planning, public health, education, child care, and child welfare, as appropriate.
  • Information sharing about programs and services available for the whole family beyond the early years.
 Family Centre London Programs and Services

Family-Centred Service System Strategy


Family-Centred Service System Strategy

Core Services:

  • Education, Early Childhood Education, and Care
  • Recreation, Sports, and Leisure
  • Referral, Resources, Information and Awareness
  • Early Learning, Parenting and Child and Family Programs
  • Health and Wellness

Supplemental Services (dependent on the need of the community)

  • Family and Children’s Mental Health Services
  • Community and Social Services
  • Faith-Based and Cultural Services
  • Public Health Services
  • Health Care Services
  • Developmental Services
  • Community Partnerships
  • Settlement Services

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