Alternative Education

Alternative Education

The Thames Valley Alternative Secondary School offers classroom-based programs at eight sites and itinerant teachers provide programming to students in more rural areas. Students who participate in these programs are referred by their home school and often maintain a part-time program with their home school. 


Site-based classrooms offer half-day programs while itinerant programs offer one hour a week of teacher/student instruction at a location near the student's home.

Students in our Alternative Education programs participate in a flexible, individualized program based on their academic needs. Both programs are considered 'transition programs' with the goal of returning the student to their secondary school or another alternative program.

For more information about Alternative Education programs, contact us by email or by phone at 519-452-2000 ext. 69703.


Site-Based Program Address
Anishinaabe Skiniiw 2213 Elm Avenue, Southwold
Balaclava Alternative Education Centre 20 Balaclava Street, St. Thomas
Cornerstone 1 (inside Youth Opportunities Unlimited building) 332 Richmond Street, London
Cornerstone 2 (inside Youth Opportunities Unlimited building) 332 Richmond Street, London
East London Centre (inside Robarts School for the Deaf) 1090 Highbury Avenue, London
Merrymount London 1064 Colborne Street, London
Wiingashk Centre (inside N'Amarind Friendship Centre) 260 Colborne Street, London
Woodstock Transition School (inside Blossom Park Adult Learning Centre) 391 Blossom Park Road, Woodstock

Dual Credit Programs

If you are interested in School Within a College, work with your home school to make sure you are eligible. For more information, contact the Program Coordinator at 519-452-2000 extension 20150.

School Within a College
School Within a University
Day Away Summer Program

Night School

Credit classes are available to adults and to students attending a secondary day school. A secondary day school student must have written permission from his/her day school principal in order to attend night school.

Learn more about night school.

Summer Programs and Camps

There are many summer programs available for students to attend during the summer months. See our Summer Programs and Camps page to view more detailed information about each of the programs that are offered.


The U-Turn program supports students who have been suspended for 6 to 20 days or who have been expelled. The program will provide students with the opportunity to continue learning and stay on track with their academic courses.

More information is available on the U-Turn program webpage.

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