Year in Review

Our Strategic Priorities

We have identified four strategic priorities that are outlined in the 2016-2019 Multi-Year Operational Plan. For each priority, we have developed an overarching goal that guides our work and our efforts as we work towards fulfilling each priority.

Ensuring Equity and Well-Being Throughout Thames Valley

Every student will learn in a safe and inclusive environment:

  • All Thames Valley schools complete or review a safe school action plan and bullying prevention plan every year, with the goal of ensuring that all students are able to participate in a safe and inclusive school community.
  • All Thames Valley schools implement Culture For Learning initiatives designed to focus on the well-being of students. This includes initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion, as well as safety and belonging. For example, many of our schools participate in the Pledge to End Bullying and the "CARE" Mental Health and Well-Being Contest.

Every student will learn in a respectful culture that values diversity, and will see themselves reflected in their learning:

  • We have placed considerable attention on ensuring that all students are able to attend a school that values diversity and sees themselves reflected in their learning. Much of this work is completed through a series of Diversity Kits that contain books that are individually selected in order to reflect the diversity of the Thames Valley community. This includes topics on gender identity and sexual orientation, mental health and well-being, and racial diversity. All Diversity Kits also contain curriculum connections and instruction prompts for teachers to use in their classes.
  • We hosted our first Celebrating Diversity conference in May 2017. The conference was designed to give students with diverse racial identities the chance to share their experiences and to co-create learning opportunities that value their rich cultural perspectives.

All staff will engage in learning, and model a culture of inclusion in support of student well-being:

  • Teachers from all Thames Valley schools participated in Culture For Learning Regional Sessions designed around supporting student mental health and well-being. During these sessions, teachers were able to collaborate with teachers from other schools around how to best support students.
  • Thames Valley has placed an intentional focus on professional development that enhances teachers' abilities to use strategies in classrooms that promote well-being for all. We have also created an Everyday Practices Guide for Mental Health and Well-Being that corresponds with this training. The guide is designed for teachers to use in their classes with students.

We will advance a culture of respect for all students, staff, and families:

  • At Thames Valley, we value a culture of respect in all schools. In order to promote this core aspect of our board, a video was produced to showcase the rich diversity in Thames Valley and the benefits of learning in schools that promote respect and understanding. Classroom activities were also designed to correspond with the video and for teachers to use in their classes with students.
  • We work to ensure a culture of respect by providing professional development opportunities for staff that focus on strategies for teaching empathy and inclusion to students. Topics for this professional development include encouraging positive behaviours online, understanding the Ontario Human Rights Code, and supporting LGBT2Q+ individuals.

We will use innovative approaches to student accommodation that reflect the changing needs within our community:

  • We have placed a considerable emphasis on innovative approaches for student accommodation, namely through the Reframing Our Responses professional development series. Reframing Our Responses is an innovative professional development approach, as it provides an experiential learning opportunity for school teams to explore best practices related to creating positive learning cultures for students. 
  • We have been using an innovative approach for student accommodation called "Inclusive Design". An Inclusive Design model encourages school teams to identify potential barriers that students might experience and to think of creative solutions for how those barriers can be removed. For example, many schools have created All Gender Washroom spaces. This accommodation strategy recognizes a need for a washroom space that is inclusive of students that identify as transgender or gender non-binary and provides an option for students that is respectful of their identity.

How leaders are being held accountable for progress towards the board's goals for equity and inclusion:

This year both Senior Administration and Board Trustees began dialogue on how to actualized the 2017 Ontario's Education Equity Action Plan within Thames Valley by initiating both short-term and long-term goals for related to:

  • School and classroom practices;
  • Leadership, Governance and Human Resource Practices; and
  • Data Collection, Integration and Reporting.

Also the Culture for Learning Portfolio is currently engaged  developing a Strategic Plan encompassing Equity, Safe School and Mental Health and Well-Being. 

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