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Questions, Answers and Comments

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June 27, 2019

Western Middlesex Attendance Area Review Update 

The Board of Trustees approved the following motions at its regular meeting on Tuesday, June 25, 2019. A video recording of the meeting, along with other information about the review, may be viewed online at www.tvdsb.ca/wmaar. Please monitor the school website, as more details will be provided to school communities as soon as they become available.

Motions carried:

THAT the subdivision plans of 39T-MC1301 and 39T-MC0902 be permanently designated to the existing attendance area of Delaware Central PS effective immediately.

THAT the subdivisions of Timberwalk 39T-MC0401 and Clear Skies 39T-MC1401 be permanently designated to the existing attendance area of Oxbow PS effective September 2020.

THAT current holding zone students, and their siblings, enrolled at Valleyview PS be permitted to continue to attend Valleyview PS, with transportation, for so long as the student and their siblings continue to reside at the address they did at the time of the establishment of the new boundary and until such time the students and their siblings graduate from Valleyview PS or otherwise cease attending that school for their own reasons.

THAT the existing attendance area for East Williams Memorial PS remain status quo.

THAT the existing attendance area for Caradoc PS remain status quo.

THAT the existing attendance areas for Centennial Central PS/North London remain status quo.

THAT Chair’s Committee be directed to establish a Rural Education Task Force, with a final report due to the Board no later than November 2020.

Board Meeting – June 25, 2019

Board Meeting – May 28, 2019

Presentation of an Overview of Public Delegations for the 2018 Western Middlesex Attendance Area Review (WMAAR) Final Report from Senior Administration.

Click here for Overview of Public Delegations


NOTE: A decision on the Western Middlesex Attendance Area Review scheduled for May 28 was deferred by the Board of Trustees until its June 25 meeting. A motion to defer the decision cited “public input the Board of Trustees has received on the issue of conflict of interest. This deferral will allow the Board to engage an integrity commissioner and…preserve the integrity and transparency of Board decisions.” 

Public Delegation Meeting – May 15, 2019

Click here for agenda

Key Dates
November 27, 2018 – Presentation to Trustees of information report regarding options for consideration by the school communities

December 2018 – School Committees formed

January 16, 2019 – Joint meeting of all Attendance Area Review Committees (AARC) Details

January to February 2019 – Individual school Attendance Area Review Committee (AARC) meeting(s) held

March 6, 2019 – Deadline for submission by school committees of questions to Planning Department

March 8, 2019 – Deadline for school-level committee meetings

March 19, 2019 – Deadline for submission of School-level Attendance Area Review Committee Final Report to TVDSB Planning Department via planning@tvdsb.ca

April 23, 2019 – Final Senior Administration Report presented to Board

April 23, 2019 – Notice of Public Delegation meeting

May 15 and 16 (if needed), 2019 – Public Delegation

May 28 , 2019 – Final Board Decision (deferred)

June 25, 2019 – Final Board Decision

Documents and Reports

Overview of Public Delegations

Final Report from Senior Administration – 2018 Western Middlesex Attendance Area Review

WMAAR Report to Board – 2018 Western Middlesex Attendance Area Review

For more information, including Final Report Appendices: Click HERE to visit TVDSB's Planning Department website  

Questions and Answers

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 TVDSB is dealing with significant new residential growth in Middlesex that is causing enrolment pressures at some Middlesex County schools. In addition, the Board also has some schools where enrolments are in decline and there are surplus spaces. Some of these schools are also older and have significant maintenance needs and/or are incurring annual funding shortages.

This Attendance Area Review will help the Board to plan proactively, prioritize its next steps and determine the impact of accommodation decisions.

The focus of the Review is on the Middlesex Centre area and specifically the attendance boundaries of the following 7 schools; Delaware Central PS, Parkview PS, Valleyview Central PS, Oxbow PS, Centennial Central PS, Caradoc PS and East Williams Memorial PS.

The average age for these seven schools is approximately 62 years and range from 81 (built in 1938) to 54 (1964) years. 

Projected Enrolment

Enrolment has been projected for a 10-year forecast period ending in 2027/28 for each school in this study area (Table 3.1.5). For this study area as a whole, enrolment is expected to increase by approximately 15 percent over the projected term.

By the end of the forecast period, elementary enrolment is expected to be approximately 2,701 – which represents a total increase of 349 students between 2018/19 and 2027/2028.

Within this review area, some schools are expected to experience growth in enrolment ranging from 21-23 percent (Caradoc PS/Parkview PS) to 90 percent (Centennial Central PS) while other schools (Delaware Central PS, East Williams Memorial PS, and Oxbow PS) are expected to experience declines in enrolment over the forecast term by as little as -1 percent (Delaware Central PS) to a high of -27 percent (Oxbow PS).


A Joint Meeting of school subcommittees was held on Wednesday, Jan. 16 at Medway Secondary School.  WATCH IT HERE



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