Virtual Learning

Students engaged in virtual (remote) learning will be provided with 300 minutes of live, online instruction that will include some opportunities for independent practice/ learning. 

Elementary Virtual Learning

  • Kindergarten to Grade 8 programs will be offered in our virtual classes.
  • Physical Education and Dance are not offered in our virtual classes.
  • Students will use the Brightspace digital learning platform, as well as the Google Meet digital learning platform for synchronous (live) learning. Students and families will be provided with opportunities to learn about these platforms; resources are also available on our TVDSB website.
  • Students will receive a minimum of 180 minutes (Kindergarten) and 225 minutes (Grades 1-8) of synchronous (live) instruction each day. There will also be opportunities for independent, small group practice/ learning.
  • Students may attend virtual classes hosted at another school.
  • Timetables/ schedules for virtual learners will be the same as for in-person learners at the host virtual school.
  • Virtual classes may be a larger than in-person classes.
  • Adult supervision at home is required.
  • Attendance is taken at multiple points during the instructional day.

Secondary Virtual Learning

  • A variety of courses is offered in each grade level and pathway. 

  • Specialized programs such as: International Baccalaureate (IB), Aviation, Specialized High Skills Major and Environmental Leadership are not offered in our virtual program. 

  • Courses such as Dance, Music, Technology, Cooperative Education are not offered in our virtual program. 

  • A minimum of 225 synchronous (live) minutes of instruction each day for students. There will also be opportunities for independent, small group work/ learning. 

  • Timetables /schedules are consistent across secondary virtual schools to support student access to courses in more than one virtual school. 

  • Attendance is taken during each period. 


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