United Way

Thank You Thames Valley

When you give to United Way, you make sure our students start school with a full belly, ready to learn. You give vulnerable people and families access to basic needs like food, housing, transportation and recreation close to home. And you tackle big problems like local poverty and youth success at the root, making sure fewer people are vulnerable in the first place.

Three Easy Ways to Give

 1. Online Giving

Again this year your school has the opportunity to support your community through online pledging. This tool will replace the need for paper pledge forms increasing efficiency and confidentiality while providing a user friendly experience for the donor.

On Monday, October 1, you will receive an email regarding your pledge. Your email is embedded with your own unique identifier that links you directly to your secure user account. Your financial information will remain confidential. Your United Way Champion will be able to see that you have accessed the tool, to include you in the overall status and/or incentives for your school/office, but will not be able to see any information about your current or past contributions.

Payroll and credit card contributions will be processed automatically. For those choosing to give by cheque, please print your pledge confirmation and submit with your cheque to your United Way Champion. (Cash may not be an option at your location, so ask your site Champion first).


2. Traditional Paper Pledge Form

You may also use a traditional paper pledge form. Simply print and complete the form and give it to your Site Champion (in an envelope) marked ‘United Way and Your Name’.

Roll-Over Giving: Payroll Deduction Only (Pledge Form or Online Giving Tool) Beginning in 2017, when staff contribute through payroll deduction, the per-pay contribution will automatically continue (roll-over) each year. However, donors will have the option to opt out or alter your contribution at the start of each campaign.


3. Events

What a great way to create fun, momentum and team building experiences! We encourage you to get involved in your school/office events for United Way. If you have creative event ideas, please share them with your site Champion.


Please don't hesitate to call United Way Elgin Middlesex or United Way Oxford, with any questions. You may also contact United Way Coordinators, Jason Rake or Jane Marlborough for assistance.

Director's Message to Thames Valley Staff
I am proud of the creative ways our school communities come together to raise funds to support students.

We are repeatedly called upon to donate our time and monetary gifts to a multitude of charities. While the demands sometimes seem greater than ever, I encourage our employees and students to support the United Way of London & Middlesex, Oxford and Elgin-St. Thomas in whatever way you can during this year’s campaign. Together, we raised more than $307,000 last year and I am proud of the creative ways our school communities come together to raise these funds. 

There are over 70 United Way-funded community agencies which help our students and staff overcome a wide range of challenges each and every day. These challenges include: poverty; mental health; transition challenges in immigration; child welfare; and safety for men, women and children at risk of violence. United Way also funds services supporting special needs, as well as indigenous and francophone services and organizations.

We recognize the importance of wellness as a critical part of learning and working. Creating the right conditions for learning is something we strive to attain every day. A culture where our students and employees can be well, safe and included is not a matter solely for inside of our school and office walls - it is important for every one of our communities, homes and places of employment. 

Your contributions of time and creativity, and financial support through payroll deductions have been successful strategies in ensuring that our communities become stronger. With our 2018 goal of 100% school and office participation, I am asking each one of you to be an agent of change - a small donation from every single employee will provide substantial and long-lasting opportunities for our students and community members to achieve success. 

Thank you for your time, generosity, creativity and for working together to support this year’s campaign.

Laura Elliott, Director of Education
Director's Message to our United Way Champions

THANK YOU for taking on the role of United Way Champion within our schools and Board. It is only with your leadership that we can achieve another amazing fundraising milestone!

It is critical to recognize that our own students and staff may have the need today or tomorrow to call on one of our United Way agencies, and that supporting this year’s campaign will help ensure funding is in place to provide that assistance. 

We encourage all Thames Valley employees and students to support the United Way of London & Middlesex, Oxford county and Elgin-St.Thomas. There are over 70 United Way-funded community agencies that help our staff and students overcome a wide range of challenges each and every day.  These challenges include poverty, mental health, strong communities and helping kids be all that they can be. The strategies and focus in these areas is specific to the needs of each community.

With successful system-wide and site-specific events and individual contributions, we are confident that our campaign goal of 100% school and office participation. If our employees donated $2 each, Thames Valley would generate more than $400,000 this year! Payroll deduction information is included in your package and all communications. We encourage you to share information and advocate for United Way at your site. Again this year, every employee will have the opportunity to contribute online, or by printing and completing a traditional paper pledge form. 

This year’s United Way Campaign Kick Off will be on Monday, October 1, 2018 which we have declared Red and White Day. On that day, we encourage you to dress in red and white and plan a kick-off activity for your school. 

Two popular events make a come-back this year: the annual United Way football games across the district and the Stair Climb. Details are enclosed.

Ensuring a successful campaign at your site happens with good planning. As a Site Champion, you are integral to the success of the TVDSB United Way campaign. We could not reach our goal without you! Thank you!


Laura Elliott, Director of Education

Why do we do this? 
United Way makes our community stronger, identifying critical social issues in Elgin, Middlesex, and Oxford Counties and finding solutions that get results. Through a network of social service organizations, United Way funds only the most effective and efficient programs that aim to prevent problems before they start.

The money raised stays in your community. 

These are families within your schools, your neighbours, and the people that share your sidewalks.

Your donation goes to those who need it most.  

Unlike other charities, your donations are disbursed to 85 member agencies, not just one cause.


When you give to United Way, you can specify the district; Elgin/ London-Middlesex or Oxford, and your donation is used within that community. If you do have a particular agency you wish to direct your donation toward, you may specify that on your pledge form as well.

We see the need every day.
Throughout our School Board, we see the needs of so many children every day in the work that we do. We see faces of poverty, addiction, neglect and abuse in our classrooms and not one school or community is immune. We also know the difference that the right intervention can make in a child’s life.

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