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Online Platforms:

Below please find a variety of resources to support families with access to technology from home. Each tab will have useful tips as well as links to supporting documents about the various software and programs used at TVDSB.  

If you do not find a solution to your issue below, for most software/platform concerns your student’s teacher should be your first point of contact.

Student Username Change

In support of Thames Valley District School Board’s (TVDSB) ongoing commitment to protect the safety and privacy of students, usernames to access online platforms will be changed on Tuesday, January 17, 2023.

In an effort to improve the cyber security of student accounts, the previous username format will be replaced with a numeric system using the student’s identification number. This number is a unique identity, generated by the Student Information System (SIS) and assigned to each student for the duration of their learning at TVDSB.

Students are asked to log out of all services on the evening of Monday, January 16, 2023, in order for these changes to take place.

Please note that SIS identification numbers are not the student’s Ontario Education Number (OEN).

What is the new student username to log in to the systems?
  • The log in format will be
Where can I locate the student number?

The SIS identity for each student can be found in the following locations:

What services are impacted by the new username change?
  • Connecting to school Wi-Fi
  • Logging on to school device
  • Brightspace
  • Google Workspace (Drive, Gmail etc.)
Will the files in the current student account be accessible under the new usernames? 
  • Yes
Will I be able to login to myBluePrint the same way as before with the new username?
  • Yes, but no notifications to email from myBluePrint in the meantime. That will be enabled soon.
The Chromebook I am using has my saved profile on it, will I still be able to use it?
  •  No. All Chromebook profiles will be cleared after 9:00 pm on January 16, 2023. 
Will Papercut transition to the new format with the balances attached?
  • Yes
Where can I get help?
Connecting a TVDSB device to a home wi-fi network
Learn how to connect a TVDSB laptop, Chromebook or iPad to your home wi-fi network
Parent Portal
How do I get access to the Parent Portal? 

Complete the online help form available on the login page. 

Screenshot of Parent Portal


How do I get my email registered with the school so I can access the Parent Portal?
Contact your school directly by phone or email to have your email address added to the Student Information System. 
I only have one child listed in the Parent Portal. How do I add my other child? 

Complete the online help form available on the login page.  

Screenshot of Parent Portal

I have forgot my username/password for the Parent Portal.

Click on the “I have forgotten my password” link on the login page.  Enter your email address.  You will be sent an email with instructions to reset your password.   

Screenshot of Login

Google Account (GOTVDSB) 
How do I log into my Google Account?

All TVDSB students have a G Suite for Education account that ends in This account gives access to many G Suite tools and apps, including Google Drive and Google Classroom. 

To log in: 

  1. Open the Chrome browser on your device and go to  

  2. Click on ‘Sign In’ in the top right-hand corner. 

  3. Sign into your Google account using your GOTVDSB email address ( NOTE: If you do not know your account, please contact your teacher. 


G Suite apps and tools, such as Google Drive and Google Classroom, can be accessed in the 9-dot app menu at the top right of

forgot my username/password.
Please submit an Online Service Request Form or call 519-452-2005. Please provide our staff with as much information as possible to assist us in responding to your query as quickly as possible.
Parent/Guardian Guide

For more information, we have created the following step-by-step guides:

English - Google Classroom Support Document for Parents and Guardians

Arabic - Google Classroom Support Document for Parents and Guardians

Chinese - Google Classroom Support Document for Parents and Guardians

Korean - Google Classroom Support Document for Parents and Guardians

Spanish - Google Classroom Support Document for Parents and Guardians

How do I sign up for SchoolMessenger?
  1. Navigate to, click ‘Sign Up’ 

  2. Register using the email address that has been provided to your school.  You will then receive an email with instructions to access your account. 

  3. Once set up is complete, you can then add the app to your smartphone and login or continue to use the website. 

Accessing Brightspace on the Web
Please navigate to and select the Staff/Student login option. Please note that this site works best when using the chrome browser.
Logging In

Students will sign into the platform using their GOTVDSB accounts. Note that during the learn at home phase we recognize that it is preferable for parents of some of our younger learners to sign in on their behalf using the student’s credentials. Student username and password information can be found above under the Google Account (GOTVDSB) heading.

Accessing the Course
Courses can be accessed by clicking on the Course Selector (9-dot menu) icon at the top right of the TVDSB Brightspace Landing page and selecting the appropriate course. This will allow you access to learning activities and instructions being posted as well as any feedback and assessment provided on work that has been submitted.
Brightspace Portfolio App
The Brightspace Portfolio App is an additional tool that supports that capture and documentation of artifacts of learning from a device in the form of a picture, video and/or audio recording or written reflection.

Parent/Guardian Guide

For more detailed information on using Brightspace with your child, we have created the following guides:

English - Brightspace Support Document for Parents and Guardians

Accessing the Virtual Library Learning Commons (VLLC)
You can access the TVDSB’s Virtual Learning Commons at  This is like an online version of each school’s Library Learning Commons.  Students will find resources on a variety of topics, including researching, maker spaces and collaboration.  The VLLC also contains links to a variety of online databases that students can access for free.  If you need the password into this section please ask your school’s teacher librarian or you can email
How do I get access to a TVDSB device (chromebook, tablet) to do my school work?

These directions are for TVDSB students that don’t have internet access and or a device that they can use for virtual learning.

Please inform your student’s school by email or phone and include the necessary information below:

  • Your name.
  • Your contact information. (Phone number, email, etc.)
  • Name(s) of the student(s) in need of loaner technology.
  • Which student(s) needs a device for virtual learning.
  • Indicate if you have internet access at home.
Using Microsoft Teams for Virtual Meetings

At Thames Valley, we often use Microsoft Teams to host our online meetings. Step-by-step information on how to use Microsoft Teams can be found here: Join a Teams Meeting.

 How do I reach HelpDesk?
You can reach a member of our technical support team by calling 519-452-2005 or submitting an Online Service Request Form. Please provide our staff with as much information as possible to assist us in responding to your query as quickly as possible. Information that will help us to support you:
  1. Student name
  2. Student school/location
  3. Device number (located on device)
If you are unable to resolve your issue using the online resources above, please submit an Online Service Request Form.

Instructional Sessions for Parents and Guardians

Sessions on Brightspace and Google Classroom are available for parents and guardians looking to gain a deeper understanding of the software their children will be using for Full Remote Learning and learning at home. 


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