Teachers Learn about Reframing our Responses

From elementary school to secondary school, school culture is one of the most important predictors of student happiness and success. But knowing that school culture is important, and even knowing what makes for good school culture doesn't guarantee that staff and administrators will be able to recreate it. 

To ensure every one of our schools is a safe place where students and staff share a sense of purpose and values, we have been providing an important professional learning opportunity to staff. Reframing our Responses provides staff with an opportunity to reflect on and learn practices to support the students and situations they are most challenged by. Using a collaborative, process-orientated approach, educators also learn how academics, social-emotional and physical space all play a part in defining and creating a classroom's culture.

"We know that the first step to students' success is to ensure that students are available for learning," says Karen Edgar, Superintendent of Culture for Learning at Thames Valley. "For a student to be available we must consider all aspects of their environment, not only the challenges they face while in our classrooms, but their environment outside of the classroom. By taking these factors into consideration teachers and administrators can better provide for each individual's learning needs."

To date, the learning opportunity has been delivered to over 900 elementary staff members and is being rolled out to secondary staff.

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