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As your Student Trustees, we work to empower students by giving you a voice. It is our responsibility to represent the student body at the Board table and help keep you informed of discussions and decisions that affect you.

Giving students the ability to influence learning is integral to everyone's success. We want our schools to be places where students take ownership of their learning and their school environment. In order to accurately represent the Thames Valley District student body we need to hear from you. Share your views, ideas and concerns with us so that decisions can be made with your best interests in mind. Every idea matters.

Ayesha Hassan

Ayesha Hassan

Ayesha Hassan is a grade 12 student at Westminster Secondary School. She has been an active participant in her school and local community by gladly contributing her time and effort to organize and assist in various activities, drives, fundraisers, events and more. She believes that her position as TVDSB’s 2022-2023 Student Trustee will allow her to utilize the skills she has acquired from such experiences and provide valuable outcomes for the student body that she is honoured to serve.

 Ayesha, having formerly lived outside of Canada, helped organize the first annual women's march in Pakistan. She taught young children at a street school under a non-profit organization, as well as co-founded a small non-profit of her own that accommodates victims of domestic violence. Ayesha is incredibly passionate about giving back to the community, and aspires to one day be a philanthropist. 

Apart from being Student Trustee, she will also serve as the 2022-2023 Prime Minister for her school's student council, representing nearly 700 students. She is eager to work along her fellow Trustees to listen to and accommodate TVDSB students. Ayesha feels that when student voice is loud enough, change is inevitable. 

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Lyzee Ninham

Lyzee Ninham

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Savrup Saran

Savrup Saran

Savrup Saran is a grade 11 student in the French Immersion program at Woodstock Collegiate Institute in Woodstock, Ontario. She has been elected as a Student Trustee for the 2022-2023 school year at Thames Valley District School Board. She will also be serving as OSTA-AECO's Public Board Cabinet Council Secretary, working alongside many other phenomenal student leaders.

Throughout these past years, Savrup has worked profusely to lift her school community and create leadership opportunities for students around her. She started the first Believe Leadership chapter at her school and also serves as the captain for her newly established school newspaper, The Devils Gazette. She is also a part of quite a few other clubs and is working on establishing student governance at her school. Aside from that, Savrup works towards creating a more diverse environment for current and future students at WCI.

Outside of school, Savrup dabbles in the arts and music. She enjoys playing several
instruments and loves to express her creativity through painting, writing, photography and more.
She also spends time volunteering outside of school and creating passion projects tackling
community-based problems.

Throughout her term, Savrup plans to work towards creating a safe space within TVDSB. She
believes in listening to all concerns of every student to create a better board and a better
environment. With this, Savrup is elated to serve as a student trustee and will do her best to
fulfill the role to the best of her potential.

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