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As your Student Trustees, we work to empower students by giving you a voice. It is our responsibility to represent the student body at the Board table and help keep you informed of discussions and decisions that affect you.

Giving students the ability to influence learning is integral to everyone's success. We want our schools to be places where students take ownership of their learning and their school environment. In order to accurately represent the Thames Valley District student body we need to hear from you. Share your views, ideas and concerns with us so that decisions can be made with your best interests in mind. Every idea matters.

Savrup Saran

Ayesha Hassan

Savrup Kaur Saran is a Grade 12 student enrolled in the French Immersion program at Woodstock Collegiate Institute. Re-elected as the County Student Trustee for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year, she is set to continue her advocacy work within the Thames Valley District School Board. In addition to her position at TVDSB, Savrup will take on the Vice-President of Public Education role at OSTA-AECO, where she will extend her efforts to promote student voice and representation at a provincial level.

Savrup has been deeply involved in her school community, working on fostering leadership opportunities and more. She founded the Believe Leadership chapter at her school and serves as the founder and captain for her school newspaper, The Devils Gazette. She played a profound role in establishing student governance at her school and previously led her student council as its prime minister. Her engagement also extends to various other clubs, all with the aim of cultivating a more diverse and inclusive atmosphere at WCI.

Outside of school, Savrup's passion lies in community service and volunteering. Actively engaged with organizations like United Sikhs, she takes on the role of Youth Coordinator in her local chapter, dedicating time to giving back to the community. She is also deeply committed to addressing community-specific challenges through personal passion projects and has co-founded a non-profit organization focused on enhancing diversity in workplaces and educational settings.

During her second term, Savrup's primary objective is to create an environment that promotes student leadership. She strongly believes in actively listening to the concerns of all students to foster an improved educational landscape and a more positive atmosphere. She is beyond excited to be continuing this role and advocating for students across the board.

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