Student Trustees

As your Student Trustees, we work to empower students by giving you a voice. It is our responsibility to represent the student body at the Board table and help keep you informed of discussions and decisions that affect you.

Giving students the ability to influence learning is integral to everyone's success. We want our schools to be places where students take ownership of their learning and their school environment. In order to accurately represent the Thames Valley District student body we need to hear from you. Share your views, ideas and concerns with us so that decisions can be made with your best interests in mind. Every idea matters.

Harini Satheeskumar

Harini SatheeskumarHarini Satheeskumar is a grade 11 student at London Central Secondary School. She is honoured and excited to represent TVDSB’s student body as a student trustee for the 2021-2022 term. In addition to her role as student trustee, Harini will also be serving as the outreach coordinator on the OSTA-AECO executive council this term. Many of Harini’s past experiences have helped her develop the skills necessary to fulfill this position. One such experience is her position serving on the Board of Directors at Champions of Change, where she advocates and strives for greater gender equality in the community. 

Harini is an alumni of the prestigious SHAD program and has participated in multiple extracurriculars within her school community, such as DECA, HOSA, Model UN and many more.

While these experiences have helped prepare Harini for the role of student trustee, she recognizes the myriad of lessons to be learned and challenges to come in this position. She is eager to face the term head on and will keep one clear goal in mind: to advocate and make change for the betterment of the students. Harini understands the gravity of this role and is committed to making every second count.

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Hanzala Subhani

Student Trustee

Hanzala Subhani is a grade 12 student at Westminster Secondary School. Hanzala recognizes the importance of his role as a TVDSB student trustee and will work tirelessly throughout his term to provide the student body with a voice at the Board table. Hanzala will work to ensure decisions will take into consideration Thames Valley’s diverse and inclusive community.

Alongside fulfilling the role of the student trustee, Hanzala plans on achieving the goal of turning students into leaders, not just by being their voice but by helping to amplify their voice. He believes that each student should have the opportunity to express their opinions and help change TVDSB to become a more inclusive school board.

Hanzala has participated in various activities, including the academic competitions of the TVSEF, helped lead the WOSSA winning volleyball team, OSSTF achievement of arts, and is an active mentor to elementary students. His participation in each have allowed him to experience different people, cultures, philosophies, and beliefs. Because of this, he values individuality and recognizes the importance of everyone's voice being heard. Lastly and most importantly, Hanzala reminds his peers he is also a student of the Thames Valley District School board who faces the same challenges and adversities as them and encourages his fellow students to reach out, even if it’s just for a little chat.

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Niigonii White-Eye

Student TrusteeI am honoured and more than excited to be this term’s Indigenous Student Trustee. My past teachings in ceremonies and cultural practices have prepared me to represent the FNMI community within TVDSD. Indigenous students have a voice, and with my access to the board, I will make sure it does not go unheard.

I realize there is much input that needs acknowledgment from our FNMI students. I will support and help the school board through this learning process. All indigenous students should be proud of their culture, and by the school board supporting and recognizing them, they will be able to do so.

In the past three years, I’ve represented my reservation Chippewa of the Thames by competing at Native American Indigenous Games for archery, winning the Little Native Hockey League hockey tournament, and continuously advocating for Chippewa youth. I am very proud to be from my reserve and I am greatly appreciative of all the opportunities they have given me. I understand that culture and identity are so meaningful to students, as they are to me also. I will treat all students with the respect and the attention they deserve. I hope TVDSB students feel comfortable with me and know they are always welcome to reach out to me no matter the circumstance. Niigonii means leader in Ojibway and during this term, I plan to do like my name means and lead with humility, bravery, and honesty.

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