Multi-Year Strategic Plan

Multi-Year Strategic Plan 2024 – 2028

Stay tuned here for any further updates about our Multi-Year Strategic Plan. We look forward to a full launch of it later this spring.

Introduction Letter

We are excited to share with you our new Multi-Year Strategic Plan (MYSP). Our Strategic Planning Ad Hoc Committee was formed in the fall of 2023 when we began the process to create a new Thames Valley District School Board MYSP. We want to thank the members of the Strategic Planning Ad Hoc Committee for all their work in getting us to this stage.

Through this process, we also received input from over 5000 students, families, employees, and community members. Input was gathered through engagement sessions, interviews, and two online surveys. Through these engagement opportunities, we heard from a diverse range of voices, and we are proud to say that this input has been instrumental in guiding the creation of our new MYSP.

Our new strategic plan includes our vision, mission, values, and these Strategic Directions, which will guide our work over the next four years:

  • Support Student Achievement: Learning
  • Create Safe Spaces for All: Belonging
  • Become the Best Place to Learn, Work, and Grow: Leading
  • Work Together with Communities: Collaborating
Our next steps are to work with staff to create measurable strategic goals for each of our Strategic Directions, and then implement and monitor those goals beginning in September 2024. This will involve connecting the work of our MYSP with the Student Achievement Plan which includes goals and measures for improving student outcomes related to achievement in core academic skills, preparation for future success, and engagement and well-being.

With heartfelt thanks for what we have and will achieve together to support student achievement and well-being over the next four years.

Marianne Larsen and Arlene Morell Co-chairs, TVDSB Strategic Planning Ad Hoc Committee 
The Ministry of Education’s Multi-Year Strategic Planning: A Guide for School Board Trustees details that a strategic plan is meant to “stand as a beacon for boards as they focus on creating a measurably better future for all children, students, and staff.” Indeed, a strategic plan outlines a journey that an organization wishes to take. It identifies an aspirational future state and then charts a path— considering barriers and challenges—to get to that state. Further, our Multi-Year Strategic Plan (MYSP) is based on our shared commitment to Ontario’s goals for education, which include Achieving Excellence, Ensuring Equity, Promoting Well-Being, and Enhancing Public Confidence in our public education system.

In very few organizations or sectors are the desired future states as ambitious or consequential and the paths so constrained and scrutinized as with school boards and the educational sector. This holds especially true for TVDSB, given the Board’s substantial size, and the geographic and demographic diversity of the communities we serve. These are further compounded by the complexity of the work for school boards, schools, and educators. 
Our Process

Adhering to the Ministry of Education’s Multi-Year Strategic Planning process, our work consisted of six phases:

Phase 1 Getting Organized April–May 2023
Phase 2 Gathering Initial Information May–November 2023
Phase 3 Developing the Draft MYSP November 2023–January 2024
Phase 4 Gathering Further Feedback and Finalizing the MYSP January–April 2024
Phase 5 Developing Strategic Goals April–June 2024
Phase 6 Strategic Plan Implementation and Monitoring September 2024–2028

Throughout our process of developing our MYSP, we relied upon two documents from the Ontario Ministry of Education to develop our MYSP: MultiYear Strategic Planning: A Guide for School Board Trustees (2017) and the Multi-Year Strategic Planning: Supplementary Resources for School Board Trustees (2017).

In Phase 1, we developed a plan to create our new MYSP. In developing our strategic plan, the first step was to gain a deep, nuanced understanding of the contexts within which we operate, and the needs of those who are impacted by our decisions.

In Phase 2, we began to gather our initial input into our strategic plan. We engaged a diverse group of TVDSB interest-holders to gain a high-level understanding of their needs, experiences, and goals. Through this phase, we used a variety of methods including surveys, informational interviews, engagement sessions and in-class activities to gather input from a wide variety of interest-holders into the development of our MYSP.

In Phase 3, we analyzed and synthesized the data from these responses to uncover key insights and themes. These were presented to Trustees and Senior Staff during a series of sessions in November 2023. Primed with the needs of interest-holders, the Trustees and Senior Staff were led through a consensus-building activity to develop a draft vision, mission, values and strategic directions. From this retreat, a draft plan document was created and revised through December and January following input from a trustee alignment session.

In Phase 4, once the draft plan was finalized, we heard back from over 1100 individuals through a public input survey, They provided us with feedback on our draft plan, whether they felt what was important to them was reflected in the plan, and whether the plan made them feel confident in the future of the TVDSB. We responded to input received through this phase by revising our MYSP. 

Next Steps
The TVDSB recognizes that engaging with our interest-holders through the process of developing our MYSP, is not a one-time effort. Building understanding and confidence in our board necessitates continual engagement with all our interest-holders, including students, staff, parents/caregivers, and community members. This we aim to do.

Phases 5 and 6 consist of developing measurable Strategic Goals, implementing and monitoring our MYSP. Once approved by the Board of Trustees, the next step is to use an evidence based approach to develop specific Strategic Goals that will accompany each of our Strategic Directions below. Strategic Goals are what an organization will achieve over the course of its strategic plan. Our aim is to take a flexible, iterative and responsive approach in the implementation of the strategic plan. While we have set high-level Strategic Directions that will guide us for the next 4 years, we will routinely review, update, and set new Strategic Goals and accompanying metrics that will be the foundation of the TVDSB Operational Plan.
Vision and Mission
Our Vision
Each student’s unique potential is strengthened.
Our Mission
Across the TVDSB, we collaborate and innovate to promote student achievement and well-being for students in a changing world. 
Our Values

We centre everything we do on student needs, well-being, and achievement. Empathy, compassion, humility, and trust are embedded within this commitment.

We build a strong sense of identity and belonging, and act intentionally to enhance equity, inclusion, and respect for human rights. We honour the rights, voices, experiences, and expertise of Indigenous Peoples and equity-deserving groups.

We build and strengthen trusting and mutually respectful relationships with students, staff, families, and communities.

We are committed to the sustainable stewardship of our human, financial, physical, and environmental resources. We support our students, schools, and communities to take collective action for sustainability for generations to come.

We are committed to being transparent, consistent, truthful, and accountable in fulfilling our commitments so that we say what we mean, mean what we say, and act accordingly.

Strategic Directions
Emerging from our engagement process are four interconnected Strategic Directions with short statements about where we want to be in the future. A Strategic Direction is an area of high importance that an organization establishes to realize its vision. It provides a framework for organizing, defining, and communicating Strategic Goals. Our four Strategic Directions are intimately connected and are rooted in what we heard from students, caregivers, staff, educators, partners, and our community. A Strategic Direction is an area of high importance that an organization establishes in order to realize its vision. Each strategic direction will enable the TVDSB to guide our evidence-based decision-making, including the development of Strategic Goals to accompany each Strategic Direction and focus our efforts in the coming years. The four Strategic Directions are:
  • Support Student Achievement
  • Create Safe Spaces for All
  • Become the Best Place to Learn, Work, and Grow
  • Work Together with Communities

Support Student Achievement

We value students’ individual educational paths and provide the tools and resources necessary for student achievement including students with special education needs.
Focusing on the strengths of students allows them to experience personal growth and well-being, while reaching their full potential. Specifically, we aim to have high expectations to narrow student achievement gaps, increase graduation rates, and improve student outcomes.

Create Safe Spaces for All

To support student achievement, our schools and workplaces must be safe spaces for all.
We prioritize the physical, emotional, and mental health and well-being of students and staff. We create working and learning environments that give students and staff a greater sense of connection, safety, and well-being. This includes affirming the identities and abilities of all students and staff.

Become the Best Place to Learn, Work, and Grow

Our goal is to become Ontario’s leader in education by fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.
We are committed to open communication, engagement, trust, mutual respect, and shared responsibilities. This will empower our staff to excel and focus on our primary mission of centering student achievement and well-being.

Work Together with Communities

To inform our decision-making, we will build positive, trusting relationships across our district by increasing community engagement that is accessible, accountable, and transparent.
We will increase collaborative dialogue and work together with families, staff, and communities to support students, their achievement and well-being.


What is a Strategic Plan?

A strategic plan is like a roadmap that helps a person or a group figure out where they want to go and how to get there. It's a big-picture plan that sets the direction and goals for the future.

Imagine you're going on a long journey. Before you start, you need to know your destination and the best way to reach it. You'll plan your route, decide what to bring, and maybe even set some milestones to track your progress.



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