Strategic Plan Input

Provide input for our Strategic Plan!

To make sure we get our plan right, we need to hear from you!

We value your feedback in the planning process. Our Strategic Plan input process is about: 

  • Valuing voices
  • Gathering Feedback
  • Identifying strengths and sharing new ideas
  • Coming together as a community

Your ideas will help us create our strategic plan.


We build positive relationships with all members of our education community to foster an engaged and inclusive board culture.

Why is this a priority for TVDSB?
Relationships are at the heart of an excellent school system. The quality of relationships is pivotal for a sense of community and positive outcomes.

Equity and Diversity

We provide an equitable and inclusive environment that champions learning opportunities for all.

Why is this a priority for TVDSB? 
Equitable and inclusive environments meet the needs of all learners. People thrive when they feel welcomed and valued.

Achievement and Well-Being

We engage in innovative learning experiences that promote excellence in student achievement and well-being.

Why is this a priority for TVDSB?
All students learn in their own way. Effective school systems provide support for students to focus on their academic skills, interests and personal growth.

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