Sherri Moore

Trustee Sherri Moore

Sherri Moore has been a Trustee for London Wards 7, 8, 9, 10 and 13 since 2021. Prior to beginning this role, Sherri volunteered her time on a number of committees, including TVDSB’s Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC), Autism Ontario – London Chapter, HBT Working Group (now Rainbow Network London), and Pride London Festival.

Sherri has lived in London since 2000 with her husband and three children who attended TVDSB schools in a variety of programs. Sherri recently graduated from the Master of Professional Education (MPEd) Program at Western University in the Field of Equity, Diversity, and Social Justice and is committed to transformative education. She also holds a Professional Certificate in Leadership from Western University, where she is currently an Administrative Coordinator.

Contact Sherri Moore at:

519-452-2000 ext. 22409

  • Aberdeen Public School
  • Arthur Ford Public School
  • Byron Northview Public School
  • Byron Somerset Public School
  • Byron Southwood Public School
  • Clara Brenton Public School
  • Eagle Heights Public School
  • Emily Carr Public School
  • Jeanne Sauvé French Immersion Public School
  • John Dearness Public School
  • Lambeth Public School
  • Lord Roberts French Immersion Public School
  • Masonville Public School
  • Riverside Public School
  • Sir Arthur Currie Public School
  • Sir Isaac Brock Public School
  • W. Sherwood Fox Public School
  • West Oaks French Immersion Public School
  • Westmount Public School
  • Wilfrid Jury Public School
  • Central Secondary School
  • H.B. Beal Secondary School
  • Oakridge Secondary School
  • Saunders Secondary School
  • Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School

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