Senior Administration

Director's Services

Mark Fisher

Mark Fisher
Director of Education


Senior Executive Assistant to the Director: Sherry Hines
Phone: 519-452-2000 ext. 20222


Ali Chahbar

Ali Chahbar
Executive Officer, General Legal Counsel


Executive Assistant: Dawn Brereton-Young
Phone: 519-452-2000 ext. 20518

Organizational Support Services

Cathy Lynd

Cathy Lynd
Superintendent of Business

Portfolio: Business, Purchasing, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Finance, Budget, Information Technology Infrastructure/Operations, Transportation, Ontario School Board's Insurance Exchange

Executive Assistant: Jennifer Faubert
Phone: 519-452-2000 ext. 20345

Linda Nicholls

Linda Nicholls
Acting Associate Director

Portfolio: Staffing, Labour Relations, Abilities and Wellness Services, Health and Safety, Thames Valley Absence Reporting and Replacement Information System, System Staff Development

Executive Assistant: Angela Wilson
Phone: 519-452-2000 ext.20314


Geoff Vogt

Geoff Vogt
Superintendent of Facility Services and Capital Planning

Portfolio: Operations and Maintenance, Community Use of Schools, Distribution Centre, Capital Planning and Projects

Executive Assistant: Kim Gleeson
Phone: 519-452-2000 ext. 21024

Learning Support Services

Riley Culhane

Riley Culhane
Associate Director


Assistant to the Associate Director: Jane Marlborough
Phone: 519-452-2000 ext. 20079

Kevin Auckland

Kevin Auckland
Superintendent of Student Achievement

Portfolio: Indigenous Education, K-12 Curriculum - Elementary Lead

Executive Assistant: Krista Aun
Phone: 519-452-2000 ext. 20361


 Elementary Schools
  • C.C. Carrothers PS
  • Delaware Central PS
  • East Carling PS
  • Lambeth PS
  • Woodland Heights PS

Jeff Bruce

Jeff Bruce
Superintendent of Student Achievement

Portfolio: Environmental Education, Elementary Athletics

Executive Assistant: Sara Plomp
Phone: 519-452-2000 ext. 20076


Elementary Schools
  • A.J. Baker PS
  • Adelaide-W.G. MacDonald PS
  • Aldborough PS
  • Caradoc North PS
  • Caradoc PS
  • Centennial Central PS
  • Dunwich-Dutton PS
  • East Williams Memorial PS
  • Ekcoe Central PS
  • Harrisfield PS
  • J.S. Buchanan French Immersion PS
  • Laurie Hawkins PS
  • Mary Wright PS
  • McGillivray Central PS
  • Mosa Central PS
  • North Meadows PS
  • Oxbow PS
  • Parkhill-West Williams PS
  • Parkview PS
  • Royal Roads PS
  • Thamesford PS
  • Valleyview PS
  • West Nissouri PS
  • Wilberforce PS
  • Zorra Highland Park PS

Sheila Builder

Sheila Builder 
Superintendent of Student Achievement

Portfolio: Family Engagement, Operations

Executive Assistant: Chelsey Caton
Phone: 519-452-2000 ext. 20379


Elementary Schools
  • Arthur Ford PS
  • Byron Northview PS
  • Byron Somerset PS
  • Byron Southwood PS
  • Cedar Hollow PS
  • Clara Brenton PS
  • Jack Chambers PS
  • John Dearness PS
  • Lambeth PS
  • Masonville PS
  • Mountsfield PS
  • Northridge PS
  • Riverside PS
  • Sir G.E. Cartier PS
  • Sir Isaac Brock PS
  • Stoney Creek PS
  • Stoneybrook PS
  • Tecumseh PS
  • Victoria PS
  • W. Sherwood Fox PS
  • Westmount PS
  • Wortley Road PS


Andrew Canham

Andrew Canham
Superintendent of Student Achievement

Portfolio: Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, Education and Community Partnership Programs, Special Education

Executive Assistant: Suzanne McNaughton 
Phone: 519-452-2000 ext. 20335


 Elementary Schools
  • Aberdeen PS
  • Ealing PS
  • Madeline Hardy PS
  • Princess Elizabeth PS
  • Trafalgar PS
  • W.D. Sutton

Christine Giannacopoulos

Christine Giannacopoulos
Superintendent of Student Achievement

Portfolio: K-12 Curriculum - Secondary Lead

Executive Assistant: Louise Fraser
Phone: 519-452-2000 ext. 20495


Secondary Schools
  • Glencoe District HS
  • Montcalm SS
  • North Middlesex HS
  • Saunders SS
  • Strathroy District CI
  • Westminster SS

Lynne Griffith-Jones

Lynne Griffith-Jones
Superintendent of Student Achievement

Portfolio: Capital Planning Elementary, Early Years

Executive Assistant: Michelle Roberts
Phone: 519-452-2000 ext. 20029


Elementary Schools
  • Bonaventure Meadows PS
  • Chippewa PS
  • East Carling PS
  • Evelyn Harrison PS
  • F.D. Roosevelt PS
  • Fairmont PS
  • Hillcrest PS
  • John P. Robarts PS
  • Knollwood Park PS
  • Lester B. Pearson School for the Arts
  • Lord Elgin PS
  • Lord Nelson PS
  • Lord Roberts FIPS
  • Louise Arbour FIPS
  • Northbrae PS
  • Old North PS
  • Prince Charles PS
  • Princess Anne FIPS
  • Sir John A. Macdonald PS
  • St. George's PS
  • Summerside PS
  • Tweedsmuir PS

Tracy Langelaan

Tracy Langelaan
Superintendent of Student Achievement

Portfolio: Adult, Alternative and Continuing Education, Home Instruction, Student Trustees

Executive Assistant: Sherry Hill
Phone: 519-452-2000 ext 20385


Elementary Schools
  • Annandale PS
  • Davenport PS
  • Elgin Court PS
  • Éva Circé-Côté FIPS
  • Forest Park PS
  • John Wise PS
  • June Rose Callwood PS
  • Kettle Creek PS
  • Locke's PS
  • McGregor PS
  • Mitchell Hepburn PS
  • New Sarum PS
  • Northdale Central PS
  • Pierre Elliott Trudeau FIPS
  • Port Burwell PS
  • River Heights PS
  • South Dorchester PS
  • South Ridge PS
  • Southwold PS
  • Springfield PS
  • Straffordville PS
  • Summers' Corners PS
  • Westfield PS

Sheila Powell

Sheila Powell
Superintendent of Student Achievement

Portfolio: Information Technology (Instructional) and Innovation, EQAO, Library Services

Executive Assistant: Teresa Walker
Phone: 519-452-2000 ext. 20173


Secondary Schools
  • Clarke Road SS
  • College Avenue SS
  • H.B. Beal SS
  • Huron Park SS
  • Ingersoll District CI
  • London Central SS
  • London South CI
  • Lord Dorchester SS
  • Woodstock CI

Purveen Skinner

Purveen Skinner
Superintendent of Student Achievement

Portfolio: Equity

Executive Assistant (Acting): Amanda Gallacher
Phone: 519-452-2000 ext. 20074


Elementary Schools
  • Arthur Stringer PS
  • Ashley Oaks PS
  • Cleardale PS
  • Eagle Heights PS
  • Emily Carr PS
  • Glen Cairn PS
  • Jeanne Sauvé FIPS
  • Kensal Park FIPS
  • Nicholas Wilson PS
  • Orchard Park PS
  • Rick Hansen PS
  • Sir Arthur Currie PS
  • University Heights PS
  • West Oaks FIPS
  • White Oaks PS
  • Wilfrid Jury PS
  • Wilton Grove PS
  • Woodland Heights PS

Paul Sydor

Paul Sydor
Superintendent of Student Achievement

Portfolio: Capital Planning Secondary, Leadership Development, Secondary Athletics

Executive Assistant: Cathy Hiemstra
Phone: 519-452-2000 ext. 20316


Secondary Schools
  • A.B. Lucas SS
  • Arthur Voaden SS
  • B. Davison SS
  • Central Elgin CI
  • East Elgin SS
  • Glendale HS
  • Medway HS
  • Oakridge SS
  • Parkside CI
  • Sir Frederick Banting SS
  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier SS
  • West Elgin SS

Dennis Wright

Dennis Wright
Superintendent of Student Achievement

Portfolio: Safe Schools and Well-being

Executive Assistant (Acting): Laurie Szymanski
Phone: 519-452-2000 ext. 20363


Elementary Schools
  • Algonquin PS
  • Blenheim District PS
  • Central PS
  • East Oxford Central PS
  • Eastdale PS
  • Emily Stowe PS
  • Hickson Central PS
  • Innerkip Central PS
  • Northdale PS
  • Oliver Stephens PS
  • Plattsville and District PS
  • Roch Carrier FIPS
  • Southside PS
  • Springbank PS
  • Tavistock PS
  • Winchester Street PS

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