Rethink Secondary Learning

The first Rethink Secondary Learning report presented the voices of thousands of Thames Valley District School Board  stakeholders, telling us what their beliefs and aspirations were for creating a more progressive secondary school experience and learning community. This, along with compelling educational research, helped our team develop commitments which will guide our collective decision-making as we translate the vision into practice.

We are proud to bring you the next piece of our shared vision. This ensuing report outlines the strategies and plans - large and small - for moving forward. This report will prepare the Thames Valley community for the transformational change needed to more effectively prepare our secondary students for the world in which they will lead. The actions outlined in this document are innovative, strategic and fundamental to our moral imperative.

Our commitment is to redesign secondary learning environments to create opportunities for students and staff that are driven by Global Competencies. These competencies are critical for our learners to be curious and knowledgeable about our world today and tomorrow.

Building on the global best practices in education, we are poised to deliver excellence to all Thames Valley students.

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