Symptoms, Confirmed Cases and Outbreaks

The implementation of our enhanced health and safety protocols will reduce the risk of transmitting the COVID-19 virus. If everyone does their part to stay safe and healthy (both inside schools and in any public setting), the likelihood that someone will contract the COVID-19 virus at school will be low. The Ministry of Education has established COVID-19 outbreak protocols that we are supplementing in the event that someone feels sick and/or contracts the virus.

Designated Area
Each school will have a designated area should a child become ill at school. This room/area will be used for the temporary placement of any individual who becomes ill during the day. Hand sanitizer, gloves, surgical/procedural masks, eye protection, tissues and a gown will be available for use by the ill individual and staff member supervising them.
COVID-19 Symptomatic Students

As mentioned in the Parent/Guardian Responsibilities, family members will be notified immediately if a child becomes unwell during the day. Symptomatic students must be immediately separated from others and supervised in a designated room/space. Parents (or designate) must immediately come to the school to pick up their child. Students from the same family will not need to be picked up.

Parents and guardians are expected to have children assessed for COVID-19 if symptoms are present or self-isolate their children at home for 14 days.

Confirmed Cases of COVID-19

When a student or staff member has been diagnosed as positive for the COVID-19 virus, the school and board will follow the directions of our regional public health units.

Outbreak Protocol

In consultation with our regional public health units, the following will be in place in all TVDSB schools:

Class Lists
School administrators ensure that class lists are maintained.

Bus Cohort Lists
Bus cohort lists will also be maintained for each school that has students accessing school transportation.

Testing Sites
As a board, we are in regular consultation with two public health units, London Middlesex Public Health Unit and Southwest Public Health Unit. Specific locations of Health Units and testing sites will be provided to school communities through school communications and on our TVDSB and school websites. The regional public health units will indicate if on-site testing at a school is required if an outbreak is confirmed within a school setting.

Staff will follow the directions from the regional Health Units in terms of what medical/health information can be shared related to students or their families and that of TVDSB staff. TVDSB is appreciative that parents and guardians understand that not all personal information can be shared due to privacy concerns. 

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