Thank you for your interest in doing business with the Thames Valley District School Board. The Board's Purchasing Department has provided the following information to help serve you better. 

Electronic Bidding Instructions

After reading the instructions, click on the "Proceed to Bid Inquiry" link at the bottom of this page to access the Bid Documents.

Bid Documents, both open and closed, are archived on a Bid Document Inquiry page. To enquire on, and read the terms, conditions and contents of a specific Bid Document, click on the document name. This file can also be printed. Direct any questions on a particular bid to the buyer assigned.

Inquiry Instructions

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these files.

If you require information in an alternate format, or require communication support, arrangements are made upon request by submitting a Community Accommodation Request form. This form is found within the Accessibility link on the board's home page. You may also contact Manager of Communications Tania Testa who will guide you through the process.

Bid Document Download Instructions

  1. To view a copy of the bid in pdf format, click on the name of the bid document.

  2. To access the Bid Entry System and to Register as a vendor, click on the "New" icon located left of the bid document.

  3. To view addenda to bid documents click on the addenda under the name of the bid document. Check back regularly for any new additions.

  4. To view the results of a bid award, click on the checkmark icon on right side of the bid document.
    NOTE: Results will be available as Bid selection is completed. If there is no check mark, results are not yet available.

Proceed to Inquiry/Download Page

Becoming a Board registered bidder
All potential bidders now must register before being able to use our electronic bidding system.

You will automatically be directed to the Sign in/ Registration page when you attempt to enter a current Bid.  You will be directed there when you click on the "New" icon.


Biddingo.com is an online portal that connects suppliers providing various goods and services to buyers from the Provincial, Municipal, Education, Crown Corporation, Housing, Construction and Healthcare sectors and Private companies from across Canada. 

View our bid page on Biddingo.

TVDSB's Purchasing Policy
The TVDSB Purchasing Policy is a seven-page PDF document available for download.
Information for Vendors outside of Canada shipping to TVDSB

For vendors outside of Canada shipping to TVDSB, our customs broker is Livingst International Inc., reference customer #246390. Additional contract terms and conditions, invoicing and purchase order information and Customs Broker address information is listed below:

Dear Valued Vendor:

Please find below important information with respect to our business practices.

All equipment requiring approval (Hydro One, C.S.A., ULC., etc.) must be completely assembled and must bear a label showing approval of assembly prior to delivery.  The TVDSB shall not accept any equipment that has not been inspected and approved.  If not so approved, the TVDSB reserves the right to invoice the successful proponent(s) for the cost of certification/replacement


  • All vendors are advised that invoices should be mailed to:

Thames Valley District School Board
Attention: Accounts Payable
1250 Dundas Street
, London ON, N5W 5P2

Purchase Orders:

Issuing of Purchase Orders

Thames Valley District School Board will be issuing all purchase orders from the Education Centre located in London, Ontario. Please read the "ship to" instructions on the purchase orders, and ship accordingly.

Contract Terms and Conditions

Contract terms and conditions are defined by contracts referred to on the purchase order or the following:

  • Purchase order numbers must appear on all invoices, labels, packing slips, bills of lading, or correspondence
  • Deliveries made in advance of their due date are considered to arrive on the due date for payment of invoice and taking of discounts.
  • No substitutions may be made without written authority from the TVDSB
  • Goods will be deemed accepted once the product(s) has been set up and has performed as warranted or as stated in the published specifications

Certification for Customs, Duty and Sales tax purposes 

Permission has been granted by both the Federal and Provincial Governments for the reproduction here of all certifications required for sales tax exempt and duty free entry.

A - Duty free under schedule II Tariff codes 1750 to 1756 inclusive

If the organization operates on a non-profit basis and offers its services to the public generally.

1750 - Microfilms and microfiches of tariff item no. 3705.20.00

1751 - Filmstrips and slide of tariff item no. 3705.90.90

1752 - Cinematographic films (motion picture films) of tariff item no. 3706.10.90 or 3706.90.90

1753 - Pamphlets and magazines of heading no. 49.01

1754 - Maps and charts of tariff item no. 4905.99.10, 4905.99.90 or 3706.90.90

1755 - Photographic reproductions, reproductions of works of art and pictorial illustrations of tariff item no.4911.99.90

1756 - Video tape recordings and sound recordings of heading no 85.24

D - Duty Free under schedule II tariff code 1760

Apparatus, utensils, instruments and parts thereof other than goods of Chapter 70 and those goods eligible for the benefits of Division III of Part II of this Act, that are not available from production in Canada.

The Minister may make such regulations as deemed necessary for the administration of code 1760. For the purpose of Code 1760, apparatus, utensils and instruments are not available from production in Canada, if no manufacturer:

(a) has, within his normal operational framework, the full range of technical and physical capabilities necessary for production in Canada of apparatus, utensils and instruments reasonably equivalent to those for which importation under the Code is sought and

(b) has produced in Canada apparatus, utensils and instruments reasonably equivalent to those for which importation under the Code is sought.

The purpose of code 1760 an organization operates in a non-profit basis if it carries out its objectives without pecuniary return to its members or shareholders other than as salaries or fees for duties performed or as reimbursement of expenses incurred.

H - We certify that the goods ordered hereby are designed for the use in classroom instruction and will be used directly and predominantly in teaching or research, or as scientific apparatus and equipment ancillary thereto, or are other items specified in Section 12 of Part III Schedule III to the Excise Tax Act, and are for the sole use of the Thames Valley District School Board and not for resale or rental.

NOTE: Please send Customs Documents only to:

Livingston International Inc.
2724 Roxburgh Rd., Unit 3, RR 4
London, ON N6A 4B8
Reference Customer # 246390

School Directories

General inquiries should be directed to our customer service email at purchasing@tvdsb.ca. Inquiries concerning specific bids, returns, deliveries, or shipments should be directed to the appropriate buyer. See below for staff email and phone directory.

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